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Created : 13 February 2020

#454 - Hey There, News

Weekly Newsletter

; Hey There, News

#454 - Thursday 13th February, 2020

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Every Thursday, Wondering why I drew a hat on a frog.


; That "Me, Me, Me" Bit

This week's Newsletter is being written whilst listening to the new EP from Hitomi Yaida, where she's recovered some more of her older tracks.
The 7-track mini album "Keep Going" is available on Apple Music, and presumably Spotify, too, and is part of her 20th anniversary celebrations.

Incidentally, the little volume/button thing on my Earpods seems to have busted at some point, this week.
It was probably the other day when, whilst lifting them gently from Pikachu's ears, they got caught and snagged poor Pikachu off his little shelf placement, all the way down under the shelves, down behind the old PC that I use as my bedside cabinet.
Pikachu used "Hide"
It wasn't very effective.

Had to pull things out, dig down there, and reach right around the pile of VHS Tapes in order to rescue poor little Pikachu.

What's that? I need to consider copying all the important stuff from the giant pile of VHS tapes, and then probably get rid of all the damn things?

... True.

Pikachu's now back in his usual spot, sitting neatly beside Totokeke (KK Slider) and Sonic. Although I might consider adding a small blob of blu-tack under his arse, to keep him in place in future.

That would mean having to buy some blu-tack, though.
Haven't had any of that lying around for a good few years.


; Boletus

Last week's Mushroom related word spawned some Shroomy postage.
He's starting a new project, involving books.
What could it possibly be?

; Spalling

Meanwhile, this week's Word of the Week is a chip off the old block.


; Office of Testing

Waroffice is preparing for an exam on Feb 26th, all about complicated sounding network stuff.

; To Dev or Not To Dev

Steve finds an article online..

; Learning to Dev

Dan posts links to a series of YouTube videos, all about coding.


; HS2

Like it or Loath it, it's happening like Brexit.


There's been a lot of chatter about killing off the License Fee, this week, with even Gary Lineker chipping in to suggest it's probably about time that the BBC switched to subscriptions.
Seems the common concensus on the forum, too.

; RIP - Raphael Coleman

One of the child-actors in Nanny McPhee, Raphael passed away at the young age of 25.


; Nom/Vom

Rockford continues to snack on his collection of crazy looking foreign oddities.

; One Movie For All

And all movies for one.

; Homed

A homeless couple get invited in.


; Shrugs

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Video Editing

Tips on how to make your videos look epic.

; Musical Interlude


; Musical Interlude

Happy little clouds


; Road Trip

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; Little Ms



; Painting

View on YouTube

; Myst


; Hungry?


; Bill Gates Is Hungry, too..


Noughties Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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