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Created : 28 May 2020
Edited : 28 May 2020

#469 - Mr Newsman

Weekly Newsletter

; Mr Newsman

#469 - Thursday 28th May, 2020

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Every Thursday, Slowly going stir-crazy


; Hello World

I'm up to week 4 of the AGameAWeek overhaul, and this week I scrapped damn near everything I'd done, and restarted it all over again..
Not an ideal situation, but my plan of "Less Boxes" ended up being a far more confusing, mangled mess of jumbled up content.
Which is absolutely not what I'd planned.

It's a delicate balance, creating a layout for a site with over a decade's worth of chaotic, eclectic content. And it doesn't help that I've not been consistent in my post types, tags and more, over the years.
It's leading to some really frustrating issues, such as games showing up under the Music tab because I happened to add its soundtrack to the post, or daily pixelart clogging up the works because their posts are a third of the width of a normal post.

And then there's the CSS...

Still, the nice new line-based icon style seems to be working well enough. Now I just need to see if I can make the boxes do something somewhat similar, without ending up back at that "Too boxey" scenario again.


; Flapping Onwards

Rychan gives us a quick update on his NES Flap Happy game.
A quick solder-tip, and everything's coming up roses!

; Remote Control

Rychan's also been busying away with a Remote-Desktop style program, hoping to make his desktop accessible from his phone.


.. um..
I think my script broke, 'cos there isn't a Word of the Week, this week..

Maybe SoCoder's down with the virus, or something!?!


; How Are You?

I'm not sure how other people are managing, but my Mum's had a couple of teary sessions, this week.
She's really not doing well with being confined to the house, and is desperate for days out, once again.
She's started flicking through TKMaxx's website, and other such places, looking for random art/craft things that she can mock up, to keep herself occupied.
What sorts of things have you been doing to keep your mind occupied?
Or are you already back at work?
How's things?

; Quarantine

The UK's finally decided that Quanrantine might be a good idea for people flying around the world.
But is it too little, too late?

; RIP - Richard Herd

You probably know him from Seinfeld, but he was also Captain Galaxy/Ziggy in Quantum Leap, as well as a whole host of different parts over the years.


; GWBasic

Microsoft have released assembly source for GWBasic, from 1983!
.. Not really sure what you could use that for, but there it is!

; GPD Win Max

GPD have created an 8-inch model of their GPD Win.
Looks mighty tempting, but just how functional would it be, or would it be as much (or more) of a waste of money as the original GPD Win has been?


; What the Golf

A new game on Switch, if you can pull yourself away from all the coding you're doing in SmileBASIC.
It's a Golf game "with a difference". And I know you've heard that before, but this is... definitely a difference!

; Keyed In

Spinal adds a keyboard

View on YouTube


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; The Stand


; Musical Interlude



; The Comeback Kid

How Toys'r'Us are still alive

View on YouTube


; Bread

Full of bananas

View on YouTube

; Rolls..

With Cinnamon in 'em


; Adam Build

What's Adam building this week?!

View on YouTube

; RHLSTP-lockdown

The lockdown podcasts begin.

50s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



; And this one ends far too soon


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube



VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube




And a really old one!!

Lockdown Live

; Crowded House

View on YouTube

; Lancashire Hotpots


; War of the Worlds


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