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Created : 01 April 2021
Edited : 01 April 2021

#510 - Jupiter News

Weekly Newsletter

Jupiter News

#510 - Thursday 01st April, 2021

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Every Thursday, Mixing notes together


Hello World

Happy Day, Fool!

I had considered (and started!) writing a parody newsletter, this week, and making it 100% about myself, just to wind up a certain subset of people who seem to think I only ever focus on myself, me me me, even though I write a weekly newsletter that most avoids talking about myself...

But in the end I decided not to.

Honestly, I'd have to write a "proper" newsletter, too, to replace it later in that day.. You can't have an April Fool last all week!! And by that point I wasn't really in the mood to have to write TWO newsletters.

Sod that!

You might still notice a few oddities in this week's newsletter, though, as a result of me having gathered a few Jay-Centric links over the past few days.

Apologies if those annoy you. Feel free to grumble about it in the comments, or if you're still subscribed to the email, reply and tell me how thankful you are that you didn't get a "100% Jayenkai!!" email in your inbox!


Platdude in Space

There's a Twitterbot online, @SwitchPortBeg, which randomly plucks games from an archive and meithers their developers for Switch Ports.
Last week, it plucked out Platdude in Space (from the OUYA!) and decided to have a go at me for not having made a Switch version.

My SmileBASIC games all use simple 16x16 pixel sprites. It's not a limitation of SmileBASIC, but it IS a self-imposed limitation in my rather lacklustre sprite editor. I have occasionally used larger sprites, but in this situation, I'd need a LOT of larger sprites, and I'm not really sure how those would work out.

Instead, then, sticking with only 16x16 pixel sprites, could I somehow achieve a lovely rotating set of planets?
Was that even doable?!

I saw it as a challenge, and you all know I love a good challenge, so I opted to go ahead and see how it would turn out.
I was quite surprised by the result, and now Platdude in Space is indeed now playable on your Switch.

SoStayIndoors, Maybe

Lockdown Ending?

It looks like the UK Government are taking steps towards ending lockdown.
We're now able to meet up in groups of six at a time, outside.
Just yesterday, our neighbours across the street had a bunch of chairs on their garden, and a small group of friends around.

Summer's officially here, whether it's actually only Spring or not. Nobody gives a shit, and everybody's meeting up.
The smell of Barbecues wafts through the air, and the sound of buzzing bees are sodding well everywhere.

Enjoy your summer, people.

.. Then come back in and get back to coding.


Preparing for Reinstalling

Windows still doesn't have an option to automagically reinstall all your most-used apps.
Hell, I bet Windows doesn't even have a list of your most-used apps.
Windows is dumb.
Maybe someone should write a program that works like a logger, tracking what programs you use, and keeping a list of their titles, alongside a link to easily download a reinstall program?
I bet that'd be useful.

Free Games

In order to relieve some of the stress of lockdown, Sony have released a collection of games on the PS4/5, that you can download for free.
No strings attached.
They act the same as PSPlus games in that you click to "purchase" them for free, from the eShop, then they're yours forever.
.. I think!!
If you've a PS4/5, go and click those buttons and grab a ton of freeness.


Weight Check-in

I've been saying for months that I could stand to lose some weight.
Has it gone?
Has it bugger.
But then I'm still stuffing my face with curries and chillies and mountains of tortilla wraps with them both.
Not going to help, is it!?!
TKS is doing much better, though.


If you're an Apple Music subscriber, you might like to listen to this month's J-Picks.
Each month, (for the past year, no less) Jayenkai picks his favourite tracks from the world of Apple Music, and shoves them all into a chaotic playlist.
Here's the playlist for March 2021.
Stick it on Shuffle, then get back to coding.


Corner Gas Animated

Backgrounds for Zoom, if you're doing that kind of thing.
Or if not, background for your desktop!

Ringo Goes Dad Dancing

Ringo Starr tries his best to look trendy and smart, and not at all like the old man that he is, in his latest music video.


View on YouTube



The Adventure Game

What do you know..?

Musical Interlude


New Star Wars Cartoon


Musical Interlude

Mika vs Roxette




Got a new opening, this week. Oooh, exciting!!
You can now have a game of "how many characters do you recognise, after not having watched it in decades."
Luckily, they included character names!

... Clive?
That's not Clive Gibbons is it?
*googles actor's name*
Fucking hell!!!



View on YouTube

Clever Caps

Clive takes a look at a lid.



It's me, I'm Kathy, I've come home

View on YouTube


It's not the handicap it used to be in the olden days.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Classical Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

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