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Created : 13 May 2021
Edited : 13 May 2021

#516 - You Can't Hurry News

Weekly Newsletter

You Can't Hurry News

#516 - Thursday 13th May, 2021

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Every Thursday, Wondering what I should be doing. My schedule's gone bloody haywire.


Hello World

Did a base Tilemap engine, and a version of SpikeDislike in my Javascript-based BASIC language, this week.
I still haven't done Arrays or even For loops, yet. I keep staring at screens of output, and going "well.. ... Guess I'm not doing this today.", then setting it aside for another day.
I have faith in my brain's ability to eventually figure it out. It managed the BODMAS, mostly.. It *should* cope with this..

I also took some time to "fix up" the Symbol Editor, but ended up making a right pigs ear of it, to the point where trying to use it on a Mobile is now damn near impossible.
Gawd, this stuff isn't easy, is it!?
I still need to redo the majority of the main frontend, too. Set projects into a neater menu system, see about adding folders, that kind of thing.
And that whole coding frontend doesn't exactly fit nicely onto a phone, either. The giant icons on the top get squished into a smushed up mess.

But it's definitely a working language now. It might not be the fastest thing in the universe, but it can play SpikeDislike, and .. really.. What else do you need from a language?!*



Level Bee

Rychan makes a level editor for his Bee Happy game, letting him create a myriad of little levels.
He's also aiming to add passwords for the levels, too.
Head on over to his blog for the latest.

Or check in on the thread.


Afr0 struggles with maths, trying to get a Progress Bar onscreen.
Getting an item from point a to b is hard enough, but having to scale it based on an arbitrary number of other things going on in the background...?
Even the big-boys can get these things wrong.
God only knows how many times I've seen progress bars jump back and forth, seemingly at random.
As long as it starts on the left, and ends on the right, and goes in that order, that's usually good enough for most folk!


Pakz's Pad

Pakz gets a new flat!
3 bedrooms? Sounds big.
He's having to organise himself, and prepare for the big move.
Why not go and wish him luck on his move, and whinge for photos


Further Nibbling

Rockford continues to take us on a trip around the world, stopping off in Taiwan, Turkey, and some other places that don't begin with T.
What wonderful snacks will there be, this week?
Pop on over to the thread, and take a peek.



Why waste your time creating a Blitz-alike Javascript script engine when you could just get a computer to figure it all out, instead?
Pakz posts a link to Codenet, a handy little AI based tool that converts code from one language to another.



An AI is let loose, to finish off the original PlayStation bootup sound.

View on YouTube

Microsoft LIES!!!!

What MS don't tell you, about your own computer

Feed Me, Seymour


Musical Interlude



Mum made a nice pasta dish the other day, but the mushrooms were incredibly pungent.
I mentioned this, but Mum has no memory of it..


That Drum Sound

The sound that built the eighties!

View on YouTube


Music Lesson

Andrew discusses ways to turn a loop into a complete

View on YouTube


Baelin's Route

The "Epic NPC Man" guys have made a half hour mini-movie, featuring everyone's favourite fisherman.
Have to say, the production values on this blow my mind.
To think this is just a bunch of Youtube Sketch makers..

View on YouTube


Convertible Kitt?

I don't remember much of Season 4. Do you?

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

MashedCover Corner

View on YouTube

Bonus Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 13 May 2021, 07:07
Pungent mushrooms are the best kind of mushrooms