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Created : 10 June 2021
Edited : 10 June 2021

#520 - News of Broken Glass

Weekly Newsletter

News of Broken Glass

#520 - Thursday 10th June, 2021

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Every Thursday, Doing more coding work and completely forgetting to post the Newsletter!


Hello World

What a week.


Twice this week, I completely knackered the JSE engine, but .. hey, at least I only uploaded the broken version once, so that's good!
I'm learning, see!

A whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff has been going on, and it's broken, then fixed, then broken again.
It's all a crazy pile of sticks waiting to fall apart.

Hopefully things are more stable, now, and I even popped in Constants, this morning, too, because TheRevillsGames didn't like me using 1 for x, 2 for y, and so on.


.. 3 for x speed, 4 for y speed, 5 for rotation, 6 for rotation speed, 7 for "life/alpha/etc".
Numbers are fun!!

50 is points, and 51 is lives!!!

And chr$(249) is the most important chr of them all!


Rendering the Box

Rychan renders a box, and then makes it spin.
This is far more interesting than I'm making it sound!
Be sure to check out the spinning box!!


Thanks to AndyH for pointing out that it was kinda important, JSE now has a help file with direct links from the code box to the correct help bit for the command.


My village of a Little Lever got a mention in the highest spike stats, this week!
Oh joy!!

Lockdown 73 hasn't arrived yet, though, so be sure to enjoy the outdoorsyness whilst you can.
Get out, have nice walks, meet with friends (with masks/distance) and basically enjoy yourself.
But DO keep the virus in mind, and be careful out there.

It's getting better.
But it's not quite over, yet.


A Pair of Players

Spinal continues to upgrade and restore the fictional CD case from Bill and Ted.
He's now got both of the characters strumming.
Next up, a logo!
Can you help!?

Playing with Jam

TKS asks if I still have some old tech from the GameStick/Flare days.
I had a hunt..
It wasn't very fruitful.
Do you have any tech that he might like to see pics of?


WinUAE vs Disks

A workaround for the age-old issue of PC's not being able to read Amiga disks.
.. Don't use the PC!
Instead, an Arduino device has been created to do the disk reading.
It's an ingenious method, and thankfully it seems to work great.
The Arduino-Drive can be coupled to a PC running WinUAE, and amazing things can happen.

Egg Game

Michaelplzno is making a game about an egg.
Play it in your browser, on desktop, mobile or tablet.


Musical Interlude

A lovely waltz

View on YouTube

Lousy Movie Trailer



Beat The Chasers

Paul Ferrer talks us through the layers that make up the music for The Chase's spin off show.

View on YouTube


Box of Crap

Mmmm.. Dell

View on YouTube

Part Two - The Bloatware and more


Model Home

Adam builds a model.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

Reminder : Try not to make every pram into a jail cell, just because one baby throws their toys from its pram.
Just have people you trust watch the babies, and maybe write a script to automagically put the toys back into the pram, so you don't have to keep doing it.

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