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Created : 28 October 2021

#540 - Not Very Spooky News

Weekly Newsletter

Not Very Spooky News

#540 - Thursday 28th October, 2021

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Every Thursday, ooooooooooooOOoOoOoooooOoooooOoOOOOooo


: HelloOOoooOOooOOo Ween

Aaah, Halloween. The night when all the kids come to the door expecting free sweets because they put a witches hat on.

Last Halloween I was trapped in a hospital ward, having the most absolutely bat-shit crazy hallucinations about market towns, aliens and more.
I did get to pet a little Platdude's head, as he sat on my hand, though.. So it's not all bad.

This year, we've got Doctor Who to look forward to, and then the big Animal Crossing update next week, too.
Oooh, exciting!


CapeMan in Nightmare Realm

TheRevillsGames has created a one-button game for SyntaxBomb's One Button competition, in which you control an evolving super-hero as he dons his cape and flies to the rescue.
TRG also lists off a bunch of elements he didn't have time to add to the game..
Will he be upgrading the game in the future?!


Steve wants to know the best Installer Creator that's out there. If you have any suggestions, let him know.
Personally I don't think I've used an install creator since.. *checks* um.. Stringy Things 2? October 2003...! Crikey..


Kuron asks if anyone's done anything with the Virtual Console, Pico-8
It certainly seems like a fun little setup, and the idea of being able to code games that run in multiple places is always something to aim for.
Have you tried out anything in the Pico world?!


Don't be like these clowns. Put your Mask on, and keep everyone safe.
Warning : This is a political thread, and may have already been closed by the time you read this!


Windows 11

The world is still recovering from a giant pandemic.
Now is not the time to be spreading a new infection, which is already taking over the computer world and causing chaos all over the IT universe, in ways that everybody knew would happen, but nobody ever wanted to see.
Evil Microsoft strikes again.

GTA Trilogy

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas are being remastered and rereleased on damn near every platform out there, including Switch, PS4/5 and PC.
Will you be grabbing it?
I must admit, I'm quite tempted to play through Vice City once more, and peddling through San Andreas on a little bike was already somehow relaxing.
11th of November for Digital, and apparently a whole month later (7th of December) for the physical version..? Or at least, that's the Switch's dates, anyway.


Loving VR

Jay's really getting into the swing of VR, now,, except he's avoiding the swing bits..
Dabz has posted a 360 video, which Jay said he'd have to check out, but then completely forgot to do so. *slaps wrist*

Meanwhile, Rychan's kitting out his Playstation VR with a whole VR race car setup.
Sound EPIC!!


Kuron's Return

After the tragic news of his beloved Carolyn, last week, Kuron's returned to the forum, and is letting us know about his future plans.
Send hugs, here.


Spooky Time

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Spooky News


Spooky Expenses


Spooky Kittykats


Spooky Scary Arms


Spooky Retro YouTube Classic



Spooky Weaponry

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Spooky Orange Soda

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Really Obvious 80s Cover Corner

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Spooky Accordion Cover

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Spooky Movie Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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An Album

First of October - Three

Andrew and Rob record their third album in a day.
Nothing spooky, here..
.... or is there?!

The Making

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The Result

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Thursday, 28 October 2021, 06:28
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Goooooooooood!!!