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Created : 18 November 2021

#543 - Aganews

Weekly Newsletter


#543 - Thursday 18th November, 2021

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Every Thursday, Wondering when the Star Trek utopian society is supposed to kick in, if we can't even stream TV shows around the globe without desperate money grabbing bullshit getting in the way of everything.


Hello, only people in the immediate vicinity

If it were a case of "New Star Trek is only available on Paramount Plus".. I think I'd be OK with that. A Streaming platform just for Trek. Sure. Gimme gimme.
I've previously paid for the Stargate streaming service, and that didn't really have ANY new content, just the old shows available for streaming. I got a sew-on SGC patch, though! Woot!

It's the whole "But YOU can't GET Paramount Plus. HA HA, FUCK YOU!" bit that gets me.

You'd think a company as big as that could've.. I don't know.. Organised it a bit better.
Figured out how to make it a worldwide release, instead of screwing everyone over.
For fucks sake, Paramount, what the hell were you thinking!?!

Star Trek Discovery and Prodigy.
Two shows that are being broadcast, RIGHT NOW, and we don't get to watch them because Paramount haven't yet launched their new Plus service outside of the US.
And.. God help me if this is true.. It sounds like Sky might've taken control of Paramount Plus in the UK. We might not even be able to get the app and pay for a subscription, without being cash-raked by a Sky subscription, first.

If that's the case..
Oh, fuck, will there be ranting.



M4A to MP3

Kuron needs a quick and easy way to convert music files.
Jay tries to write a Blitz program, but upon running it, his Remote Desktop connection goes haywire, as the script ends up simultaneously trying to run the converter program about 100 times, because he forgot that Blitz doesn't wait between ExecFile() instances.
Still the idea of using FFMpeg to do the converting works well enough, so if you can figure out a quick and easy way to batch the thing, let Kuron know in the thread.
Jay's .BAT-fu has long since disappeared.

Grand Theft Uhoh

As if the disappointing revelation of Paramount's money-grabbing wasn't bad enough, this week, we also had the absolute shit-show that was the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy Remaster.
Millions of people dove on the collection, because it's GTA, and what could go wrong?!
The answer, apparently, is a mountain of bugs, an insane shitshow of graphical glitches, rain that just won't go away, no fog where fog is absolutely necessary, and then there's the music rights to add on top.
A backlash of cataclysmic proportions, beaten only by Cyberpunk 2077 in the race to become the most bug-filled disappointing game release of all time.


Internet Cap

Kuron's new broadband has a 1Tb/Month cap on it.
Is that enough? Could YOU manage to eat up a whole Tb in a month!?
I tried to find out how much data I've used over the past month, but the Virgin Media site is showing me adverts for upgrades in the place where it usually gives me facts and figures.
I honestly can't find the information anywhere.
Fuxake, Virgin, sort your website out.

Internet Fix

A call from "Your internet provider" to warn you of bad signals.
How can you fix the evil terrors of the broadband!?
One solution. Tell them to piss off.



Steve gets stabbed, with his third Covid Jab.
How bad will it get?
Read the thread to find out!!

Picture Perfect

Platdude now features in over 2500 daily pixelarts, and you can get all 2501 (at time of writing) desktop images in a nice compact 50Mb download.
Mmmm.. A practically endless wallpaper shuffle!!



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Advert : Stupid Hoover


Obligatory Hand Waving


New Spray


The NEW French Flag


Musical Interlude



Pinball Dreams

Oh my god!!!

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A Sticky Situation

LGR shows off his little stick


Colourful Fire

The Slo-Mo guys make flames!

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Linus upgrades.. Could YOU be part of the expansion?

80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Bonus Trek

To tide you over until ... Paramount bastards!!

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