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Created : 20 January 2022

#551 - Teenage Newsbag

Weekly Newsletter

Teenage Newsbag

#551 - Thursday 20th January, 2022

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Every Thursday, Starting another game.


Hello World

Uhoh, haven't started a SmileBASIC game for Friday.
I did have a plan in mind.
I've been loving that daily Calendar puzzle thing, with the blocks that slot into the grid to show today's date.
Bought it from DragonFjord, and it's been keeping my puzzle mind active since September.
I thought it'd be nice to have a similar puzzle on the Switch, so have had it in mind to quickly make a similar thing, for most of the week.
About an hour ago, I started my "how to code it" thinking and ..
.. How the hell am I going to do the controls for that, given most people will be using a standard controller?
Oh, bugger..

So I guess I don't actually have a plan for this week, then, and I suppose that means I have to now scramble together something entirely different within *checks watch* oooh, about 36 hours or so.



Realtime JavaScript Blitz-alike

Realtime pops on over to tell us about a Blitz-like command set he's making in Javascript.
It's not interpreted like how JSE is, so it's much faster than that could ever hope to do.
If you're after a nice and easy way to wrangle the modern dev-style, then this might do the job.
Let Realtime know your thoughts, and just how much you'd love to see it expanded.

MicroStudio 3D

I'm not entirely sure when MicroStudio got a 3D upgrade, but..
MicroStudio's had a 3D upgrade, and can now do things like cars wot drive, and guns wot shoot and .. um. whatever else it is that modern developers do with that mystical 3D technology.


Virus Checker

What's the 2022 virus scanner of choice?
Are you using anything beyond Windows Defender?
What tips can you offer, on keeping your system running like a happy little lemming?



A Roguelike for the C64, featuring all your favourite ProcGen dungeon goodies.


Quantum Leap

Is the series ACTUALLY going to come back, this time?
The Peacock says... Maybe!


Topic of the Week

What's the most popular thread on the site, this week?




If you'd like to submit a Mini-game for future newsletters, check out the Box-Coding thread, here.



And death..

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And wine..

Child Prodigy

This young lady has a new album out in March

Musical Interlude

If you're good, you might get one!


Billy Bashing

Take 2 designers and 2 IKEA Billy Bookcases, and what do you get?

View on YouTube

Remixing for a Fiver

Actually, well above a fiver, but some great mixes none-the-less


Kitty Cats

Truths and otherwise

View on YouTube

Framing Up

Adam and Kyle make a frame.

Outdoor Pursuits

Part Four

View on YouTube

Raising a Barn

The Tested.com Ghostbusters Afterlife videos are INFINITELY more entertaining to watch, and much more informative, than the extras available through iTunes.

KITT'ing up

Can you turn a Tesla into KITT?

In Scam We Distrust

View on YouTube

2000s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

This week, Apple Music has dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of French TV Themes.
I swear, everything has lyrics..

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 20 January 2022, 08:44
Glad to see there's a part 4 to the line across Wales series, the last episode was pretty bloody scary!