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Created : 10 February 2022
Edited : 10 February 2022

#554 - Danger News

Weekly Newsletter

Danger News

#554 - Thursday 10th February, 2022

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Every Thursday, Ripping cardboard


Hello World

Work has begun on the transformation of Jay's Bedroom.
Dust from a giant stack of boxes in the corner, dating back at least a decade. Piles of cardboard thrown out. Old crappy board games you've never played sent off to the local charity shop.
And, oh, the number of GBA game boxes.
... Where the hell did all my GBA carts go!?
Probably the same place as all my PS1 games. Lent to friends and family, and never seen again.

At least people aren't clambering to pinch my digital purchases, nowadays.
That'll show them.

Meanwhile, all those Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii/U, Xbox, 360, PS3, PS4 console boxes..
Why do I keep the boxes?
So many boxes..

Well, at least the recycling bin is happy.



Emergency What Have You Done?

The forum's been kinda quiet, this week. Though there's been a lot of TV based threads, there's been a distinct lack of other kinds of content from folk.
An emergency thread was posted to find out what everyone's up to?
Let us know if you have anything interesting going on in your life.


Jay made a fun little painting thing, this week.
Taking the Platdude Pixelart and converting it to a daily Paint-By-Numbers was an idea from Michael Fernie, and it has indeed ended up quite nicely.
I'm now wondering what else I could make with this recent engine.
Thoughts and suggestions welcome.



ProHiScore gives us a link to an AI Text generator, capable of writing a vaguely suitable paragraph of text, from just a couple of vague clues.
It works reasonably well, and though it's obviously never going to write anything amazing, it might help pad out a blog or two.
One of the paragraphs of text in this newsletter has been written using the tool. See if you can guess which one it is.



A Midi card for your Amstrad, so it can happily sing choons with a higher quality than the old Yamaha AY chip can handle.


They used to be, but whatever happened to the British software house of the eighties?.. Specifically, their house.


Syntax Bombed

I do hope that Qube is ok. With his recent IRL issues, coupled with a slight onslaught of depressing/frustrating topics on the site, he's having to deal with grumpy forum members who don't like it when the moderator tries to make their forum a little less like a dreary bucket of depression.
I certainly have been down that path, and the backlash makes it all the worse to cope with.
Sending Qube happy thoughts and well-wishes.

Fantasy Consoles Discord

ProHiScore has rebuilt a new Discord server to replace a lost Discord server.
Some kind of analogy would be that it would be like getting one of those Raffle Barrels, filling it with folded papers with random messages on it, tumbling the barrel for 3 weeks to mix everything up and make sure it's completely impossible to find the thing you want, and then throwing out the entire barrel and getting a new one that doesn't have any paper in it, yet.
\o/yeay\o/ New Barrel!




If you'd like to write your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


Snoooooow!! !

Rockford was cold, and January was barely here. The snow was coming down in great big flakes, and the wind was howling. It was a typical February day.


Kitty Catch

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Linus has an unpleasant experience.

Whose Pogo is it, Anyway?


Bang Bang

Dan Bull, SuperSpy


Five minutes from the reimagining of Fresh Prince

Thrifting for Sounds

What happens if you buy random records at a second hand shop, then sample them and make a remix..?

After the Pandemic

Aaaah, freedom!

Musical Interlude



Stevie Wonder

Fuzzy video, but well worth the watch.

View on YouTube


Sausage Roll Maker

Make sausage rolls
Be the Greggs

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Outdoor Pursuits

Geoff's Story

How he became a YouTuber

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View on YouTube

MovieCorner Cover

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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VG.EP Corner

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ALChoon Corner

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Thursday, 10 February 2022, 13:25
A sausage roll maker... Whatever next!

When I was on the bridges, digging in a caravan down in Derby, I bought a £5 toasted sandwich maker from Asda... Like, I got hit with the old "Corrrrrr, I could murder a corned beef and onion toastie" shenanigans, as you do... Anyway, over the moon with me bit self, I was in the caravan chopping me corned beef (Would of been cheaper using gold leaf... HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF FRIGGING CORNED BEEF... Absolute scandal!!!) and onions... Buttered the outside of the bread as you do, made the sandwiches, toastie maker all ready to go, whacked it in, pushed the lid over to crunch the sarnie in the thing... And...


Aye, I snapped the handle forcing it down, which was also the clip keeping it together when the toastie was cooking... Spent the next 10 minutes holding the sodding thing closed with a teatowel... It cooked, unplugged it, £5 toastie machine literally tossed out of the door, just slung out there with reckless abandon... I ate... While whinging like a good'un! hehehe

Thursday, 10 February 2022, 14:07
Yeah, some things are "too" cheap.
We have a ginormous Breville thing, that looked really big and chunky, and to be fair, can manage to cram a fair amount in it.
.. but a warbie's loaf still sticks out, half a mile, over the edge of the thing.

Well, at least we can rip off the edges and use them as sweat-soakers..
Thursday, 10 February 2022, 23:09
Yeah, that's another thing... Why dont they make these machines the size of, well... A normal slice of bread, I love a crunchy bit of toasted crust, so the flacid untoasted stuff that is hanging out is just... Well, wasted if you ask me!

Might visit change.org and put a petition up for Breville to increase the size of the "toastie" area in their machines! hehehe
Friday, 11 February 2022, 03:41
They've started to do "warburton approved" toasters. Perhaps, some day, we'll also have toasties, too!