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Created : 14 April 2022

#563 - Ragtime News

Weekly Newsletter

Ragtime News

#563 - Thursday 14th April, 2022

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Every Thursday, Counting all 7mhz.


Hello World

After a heck of a lot of learning, I'm finally starting to get some sort of "Framework" up and running in BlitzBasic on the Amiga.

I'm slightly worried that I might not be able to come up with any kind of decent game to use the engine, now, but this is no time to stop, and I'll be ploughing ahead with a game in the next week or so, in a haphazard attempt to get anything at all vaguely working!

I have two double-screen-width buffers to play with, and .. like... 4 sprites, maybe..!? Anything more than 4 sprites causes the thing to instantly drop to 30fps.
Gently does it. I'll figure things out, I think.. Maybe!
Definitely no particles going on here, though!


Happy Being Happy

Rychan finds a couple of issues with his game, and then a play testing session brings about a new gameplay mechanic.

And Otherwise..

A "How's Everyone Doing" thread.
Chip in, and tell us all about your crazy world.


Robotic Art

A new AI Art Generator is on the scene.
Dall-e 2 can make some incredibly impressive "realistic" images, but is currently embroiled in some copyright issues.
Hopefully they can find a nice way to get around it, and also ... you know.. make it so we can use it!

In fact, you know what'd be handy..?
Having some of this tech running at home, instead of relying on dodgy-as-hell servers all the time.
That NightCafe thing is getting slower and slower every day that I use it, and the website's now nagging me that it wants more than 1.5Gb space available to it.
... Slightly dubious about that, now, if I'm honest..

It's great for making videogame BoxArt, though!


The Amstrad CPC turned 38 years old, this week, with the 464 being unveiled back on the 12th April, 1984
Why not celebrate the birth of an icon by playing some of your favourite CPC games, then trying to remake them in record time!!!
I expect a whole boatload of Amstrad recreations on the site by next week!

(Sorry there's no link, this week.. Couldn't find anything amusing.. Let me know if you've spotted anything.)


Hamster Thread

There really isn't an awful lot going on, on the site, this week.
Luckily, PHS made a Hamster Thread.


Street Magic

The trick is in the wrist.

View on YouTube

F1 Racing, in 3D


Musical Interlude



How will the crew get out of this crazy adventure?


Dodgy URLs

Don't click on things!!!

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Cheating Kang

View on YouTube

Outdoor Pursuits

Making a Table

View on YouTube

In Conversation

Teaching English

...in Japan
.... with a shoe on your head

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Like A Magic

(To save you the trouble!)

Rather Old Cover Corner

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More Recent Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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