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Created : 02 June 2022

#569 - Part-Time Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Part-Time Newsletter

#569 - Thursday 02nd June, 2022

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Every Thursday, Skipping a week because everything went a bit crazy.


Hello World

Sorry, missed a week, there.
Filling out Disability forms is a ludicrously depressing thing, where you have to
Between having to fill out a Disability form, and also having to head all the way to Salford and back for a chat about my head, the week kinda rushed away from me.
To be honest, this week's not been any less chaotic, with my sister's 35th birthday taking up the weekend, and a new soup maker, taking up most of the start of the week.

Buckle down and get the job done, Jay.


Drawing to Images - Javascript

Pakz is trying to draw onto images within the browser.
Jay suggests drawing to a canvas, then grabbing that back as an image, but is that the best way to do it?
What's the most compatible way that you can think of?
Let us know in the thread!

ADPCM Continued

Spinal carries on trying to get his ADPCM compression to work, but .. something just isn't right.
Hop along and see if you can help him to spot the bug in his code.


Escape To The Country

PHS has been watching too many BBC daytime shows, and asks us, if we were to move to the countryside, whereabouts would we prefer to be?
Have you ever dreamt of disappearing deep into the wilderness, where people would never bother you again?
Or are you happy to be amongst your neighbours?

Great House Giveaway

Jay's been tuned to Channel 4 daytime, instead, and his favourite of the schedule (other than Countdown, of course) is The Great House Giveaway.
There's been a particularly frustrating episode, recently..


International Amiga Day

31st of May was apparently International Amiga Day.
I hadn't heard of this until recently, and my Amiga-Twitter-Feed got completely bombarded by the thing!
Most of the tweets were "Here is a photo of my Amiga", but there were a couple of interesting tidbits along the way.

@GuyFawkesRetro has made a wonderful list of hidden/forgotten Amiga gems.

And a look at "The sauciest machine"


JSE Basic Commands

Pakz discovers a whole host of bugs in JSE, ranging from variable names getting mixed up with command names, to DIMs without brackets causing crazy errors.
Jay does his best to keep on top of things, and even adds an error message!

JSE Collisions

Dan points out that JSE's rectangle collision detection is slightly awry, leading Jay down a crazy path which sees him rewriting the entire methodology of collision detection in the engine.
A whole new world of commands will be available to use, just as soon as Jay pulls his finger out and gets the rest of it done.



Bob Monkhouse was a comic artist?

Back to the Podcast

Mike Birbiglia chats with Michael J Fox


Behind the Music

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Buyer Beware

The scam-drives are still out there.

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Road Testing

Tom Scott takes a look at a road testing machine.


Knock Knock

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Duke Who?



Linus hits the switch

Part One

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Part Two

Abandoned Pursuits

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Our Robot Overlords

Jazza tries to beat the AI at art.

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The 8bit Guy powers up.

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80s Cover Corner

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And this kid seems way too young to be singing this..

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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