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Created : 23 June 2022

#572 - Like a Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

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#572 - Thursday 23rd June, 2022

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Hello World

Gosh it's been hot this week.
I'm melting as I write this, so if any rogue apostrophes show up in my writing, assume they're the drips of sweat that are currently pouring out of my fingers.

This week's coding attempt has been absolutely abysmal, as I tried endlessly to find a neat way to draw the backgrounds for a RetroRaider on the Amiga.
I swear it shouldn't be this hard, and yet..
I'm now thinking I might have to look into how fast the Blit/Unblit functions are, and whether I can do things fast enough to allow for quick screen-flipping.
I'm baffled as to how other people do things like this on the Amiga.
It's just really slow at drawing things onto a bitmap!!
I mean, sure, other systems have super-rapid tilemaps and such, but here in the world of Amiga Blitz... That just doesn't seem do-able!



Spinal finds an etsy-creator that can reproduce the Bill&&Ted cover at a fantastic quality.
A wonderful little CD case, if ever there was one.

Photoshop - Freemium

Adobe are handing out gateway drugs, in an attempt to hook even more kiddies into their Subscription For Life ecosystem. '
Photoshop-Web is now a Freemium product, presumably with IAPs for a mouse pointer, and a line tool, and a freehand line tool, and the colour red.
You want Gradient fills? You'd better cash up for every colour that gets reproduced as it goes!


Turtles : Shredder's Revenge

The much-hyped Turtles Side-scrolling Beat-em-up finally showed up last Thursday, and BOY what a cracking game it turned out to be.
Grab some mates, plug in all your joypads, and prepare for an Arcade Experience that you haven't felt in decades!


Proof of Age

This hasn't happened yet, but there's a fair likelihood it actually might.
The UK Government have decided it's a great idea to force EVERY website to ask for proof of ID.
If this goes ahead, things will quite literally turn to shit, with most ways of going about doing that, requiring a link from an external site, and a price for the website to pay every damn time they do it.
Essentially, this will be at a cost for the websites. Including me.. '
And we'll all have to do it.
I might be getting paranoid, but I have a sneaky suspicion that one of Boris' mates might have their fingers in a "Proof of ID" pie..
Rat fucking bastards.


Handy Halt

Jay's left hand is seizing up.
It's usually his right hand when he's played too many games, and has been mashing those joypad buttons, but this week it's the left.
Jay isn't sure why, but is almost certain it's yet another sign that he's getting old.
Have you had any ominous old-age signs, lately?


A Peeling Video

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Learn your ABCs with Luigi

Musical Interlude

..on the ground

Kids TV

The 80s were awesome!

Found Footage

Weird Al discovered a whole unused chunk of footage from the recording of the video to his epic 80s Eat It parody.


The Truth is Out There

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Roger Rabbit Re:View

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Chicken and Pineapple?


In Conversation

Brent Butt

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Nathan Fillion


Obligatory RickRoll

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80s Cover Corner

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80sRemix Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Clean More

.. with Dean Moore

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Thursday, 23 June 2022, 06:17
Aside from taking an age to get out of bed in the morning and dealing better with less sleep, I seem to thankfully so far have had few old-age signs.