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Created : 06 July 2022
Edited : 06 July 2022

#574 - Gimme A Living Newsletter, Much

Weekly Newsletter

Gimme A Living Newsletter, Much

#574 - Thursday 07th July, 2022

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Every Thursday, Way behind on AGameAWeek. Like insanely so.


Hello World

.. Except you, Boris.

Get that rat bastard out of that building, and make sure he never gets the fuck back in again.

This week's been a bit chaotic. I half started a Shoebox Game, then shifted to a GotoJSE game, did a bit of a SmileBASIC game, and then sat here worrying that I hadn't started an Amiga game for the month.
Four games on the go at once, and nothing's really moved enough to warrant being talked about.
Kinda sucks, if I'm honest.
Struggling to concentrate, and it's all getting a bit of a mess.

Must focus.
Back to the game making!!!


Learning to SmileBASIC

Spinal finds it awkward trying to navigate SmileBASIC's interface.
Jay suggests he oughta get around to writing a newer "how to/starting" tutorial, but probably won't because he's a lazy bugger.

Wave Function Collapse

Pakz finds a video discussing a thing I'd never heard of.
I should probably watch this at some point, but I'm about to put the next episode of Strange New Worlds on, and that'll be me forgetting to watch it!


OpenAI Playground

OpenAI have made their Playground text generation tool more easily useable without needing an Invite.
Simply log in, and get playing!

I thought I was going to be able to use it to create a few new retro-style videogame ideas.

Game ideas like :
1. A platformer where you play as a little girl who has to save her kitten from a tree.
2. An adventure game where you play as a young boy who has to find his way home through a dangerous forest.
3. A puzzle game where you have to help a lost little bird find its way back to its nest.
4. A racing game where you have to help a turtle reach the finish line before the other animals.
5. A game where you play as a farmer in the Wild West, trying to survive against the elements and dangerous wildlife.
6. A game set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must scavenge for food and supplies while avoiding dangerous mutated creatures.
7. A game where you are a member of a medieval knight's order, tasked with protecting the kingdom from marauding bandits and monsters.

I guess it's decent enough, but now I have to code all of those..


Spectrum to Steam

Pixel Games UK are/have been bringing a selection of Speccy Classic over to Steam, and all the hell over my Retro Twitter searches!!!
Horace, Monty, Jumping Jack.. You name it, they've got it!

Reading Time


An American C64 magazine from May 1984


How Long?

Have you been driving?
If so, how long?
And have you ever bothered to add it all up?
I haven't, but I've bought shitloads of consoles/games, and god knows that's added up, so I can only imagine how much it's cost for over 4 decades of driving.


Ad Break

TV companies are ecstatic about the possibility that they'll be able to cram even more adverts into our eyelids, as Ofcom tweak the rules about how many and how frequently they can be shoved into broadcasts.
Of course, Adverts help to fund the wonderful shows we watch, and if the shows on ITV were anything more than pissing Soap Operas for 1.5 hours a day during what should be "Prime Time" TV, then I'm sure I'd be much less pissed off about the situation.

Here's a thought, there's currently 5 (I think) Star Trek shows that are ongoing.
Not a SINGLE ONE of them are on any of the UK's main channels.


Snack Time

Jay's not eating his Degustabox contents quickly enough!!
Here comes another one!



No return here
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The Return

Musical Interlude







Sesame Spook

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PS3 Devkit

Linus takes a look at a giant devkit for the PS3.

View on YouTube

Crossover Episode

All your favourite characters unite to defeat a common enemy.

Disastrous Pursuits


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In The Kitchen

Coke Chilli

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Medley Cover Corner

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ClassicCover Corner

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Every time I hear this guy it makes me want to play Boom Boom Rocket...

VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Floods Homes

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