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Created : 15 September 2022
Edited : 15 September 2022

#583 - How Deep is Your News

Weekly Newsletter

How Deep is Your News

#583 - Thursday 15th September, 2022

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Every Thursday, RIP Ma'am



The Queen is Dead.
Long Live the King... ?
Probably not all that long, at that age, if we're honest.

New Government, New King
Everything's changing.
Maybe it's time for a few major tweaks to SoCoder...?


Gherbert Groundhog

..in Save the Date
PuttyCad and PsychicParrot have released an epic new platforming adventure game for the ZX Spectrum.


Donut Dodo

Steve brings word of a retro-styled game, recently released on Steam.
Guide Baker Billy Burns as he gathers all the donuts from the evil Dodo.


Nintendo Direct

Nintendo sure did show off a heck of a lot of JRPGs in their recent Direct.
There were tons of the bloomin' things.
If you enjoy games with lots of stopping and reading and pushing the A button repeatedly, you're going to love this direct!

It also has as vague mention of Pikmin 4, more Splatoon 3 stuff, extra milking of the Mario & Rabbids franchise, more Mario Party than you can shake a stick at, and Zelda BOTW2 gets a proper title that clashes with the death of the Queen.

In addition, there's a 25 year old game coming out again. Newcomers to the game are expecting it to be pure gold, based on how all the rose-tinted-glasses players keep banging on about how it's the BEST EVER Bond game...
There's going to be a lot of disappointed players, once it finally drops.

Exciting stuff!


God damnit..
The site's not doing emailing properly again.
I'm not sure when that happened, but I'm not getting anything since about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

I think I'm going to have to dig in and fix it.. Again..

(Future self : You did. It seems ok, now.)

Also that weird bump that's happening to the sidebar when it refreshes. Not sure what that's about, though I have a feeling I left a rogue debug "?" lying in the code somewhere.

(Future self : You hunted for this, but couldn't figure it out. Try again tomorrow.)

In addition, I'm currently thinking of rewriting how Showcases work.
If you've any suggestions on how they oughta behave, both for viewers, but also behind the scenes, head into this thread and let me know.
Ta muchly!


Mind Poke

Mind Poke (Temporary Title) will be a new feature on the site as from October. The basic plan is much like that Word of the Week feature, but existing over the course of a Month to allow as many people to join in as is possible.
A whole set of words will be posted each month, alongside AI-based suggestions for game concepts, photo opportunities and music titles.
Your task will be to take one or more of the month's words, and .. be creative, in any way you can.
Gamedev, music, poetry, artistry, photography, whatever you can create.

I could just probably just call it Monthly Workshop, if I'm honest..

If you'd like to chip in a few suggestions before we kick off this new feature, head to the thread and let us in on your big ideas!


Roxette Goes On

One half of Roxette, Per Gessle, has decided that Roxette should continue after the unfortunate passing of singer Marie Fredriksson, and has formed a new ... .. "Band"? under the name PG Roxette

View on YouTube

Samurai Disco


500 Miles Later

The Proclaimers are back! Bring out your Hopping Proclaimer Dolls!!

In Remembrance


Charge it Up


Shove it Up

Ryan Reynolds meets the AssCam!


Not Just Knives

Jerry Rig Everything guy buys a big building to make wheelchairs in.

View on YouTube


Amstrad Power

Jan fixes up an MP-1

View on YouTube

Outdoor Pursuits

Man Washes Car

Dare you watch about 25 minutes of a man washing his car?

View on YouTube

In Conversation

Not Judy

View on YouTube

70s Cover Corner

Tube Singing

View on YouTube

TVOddity Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

Extended VGRemix Corner

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