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Created : 24 November 2022
Edited : 24 November 2022

#592 - I Want To Break News

Weekly Newsletter

I Want To Break News

#592 - Thursday 24th November, 2022

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Every Thursday, Getting into a tizzy


Hello World

I'm determined not to skip another week's newsletter, but gud munkies, is it a struggle, this week.
When I decided that "Just a SpikeDislike Advent Calendar will do", in early October, I figured it'd be a simple task that would require little or no effort.
As the Dec 1st deadline rapidly approaches, I'm very much regretting that decision!!
Oh my god, the artistic creativity needed to make so many themes is insane, and forcing myself to make 25 of the bloomin' things in suck a short amount of time has been FAR much more effort than I'm used to doing within an Advent Collexion.

Normally I'd draw a bunch of sprites then re-use them endlessly, or if I'm doing more than that, give myself enough time to churn out 25 different games.
But here? It's Draw, Draw, Draw again!!

I've wimped out a fair few times and grabbed sprites from previous SpikeDislikes, but hopefully folk won't complain.

SpikeVent launches next Thursday, and I also have to prepare SoCoder's various Advent Threads on the site, too, before next week.
.. Then it's time to chill out, relax, rest, stop sweating, and do nothing for a whole month.

... Except the daily advent door opening posts, and the whole Advent of Creativity thing.
Oh no...!!



Pio posts a game about matching squares in a grid.
Each tile matches another negative tile in the grid, but some of the tiles have additional white splodges painted over them, so it makes it harder to find their match.
Can you find all the pairs?

Ugly Fonts

Blitz3D was never fantastic at drawing TTF fonts to the screen, and DNA is looking for alternatives, be it different drawing methods, or alternative languages.


Spinal's TShirt

Spinal got his lovely Alf/Elf shirt printed, and it's turned out lovely.

Spinal's Code

Spinal takes a peek back at his Touchscreen code from April, and ..
Oh dear.
Oooooh dear..


Gotta Go Fast

Technology's constantly on the move, and Pakz brings word of a drastic improvement that might bring us twenty times the speed that we currently have!
The thread has turned into a "What's your broadband speed" thread.
Post your stats!!

Twitter Falls Faster

Poor little birdie, dying under the weight of billions of dollars.
I wish I had that problem...


Adding Adverts to SoCoder

Jay had an absolute bastard of a nightmare, this week, when someone hacked into he site and added adverts all over the site.
Jay struggled to find the hacks, as he removed giant billboards from the tops of the sidebars, and that annoying popup when you try to click on anything on the page.
Oh my god, it was an absolute horror show.
It's ok.. Don't panic..
It was literally a nightmare, in Jay's dreams, and nothing actually happened in the real world.
Freddie isn't real!



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Commercial Break


Musical Interlude



Are we alone?

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Simon's Cat

A new animated adventure.

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All the KITTs

All of them!

Artistic Pursuits

Drawing from Descriptions

Jazza draws what the book says

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And Alyssa has a go, too

In Fake Reality


The future of fake CGI none-reality

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80s Cover Corner

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Mashup Cover

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner



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