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Created : 08 February 2023

#599 - Years Go By

Weekly Newsletter

Years Go By

#599 - Thursday 09th February, 2023

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Every Thursday, Huffing and Puffing from all the VR Fitness


Hello World

What a strange week it's been. With Mum's birthday (CAKE!) on Monday, my Nan's memorial on Tuesday, a visit from my sister and more, things have been quite chaotic in JNKHouse.
.. I say chaotic.
It was mostly a week of watching buses driving around on the web tracker, and telling Mum which bus would get her there first.
Kinda dull, if I'm honest, and it really takes you out of the mood for creativity.

Is it the dullness of watching the tracker?
Or is the fact that I'm not outside travelling around on buses, and having time out in the world, and that's getting me down?
... A lot..
Keep coding, Jay. Everything's fine.


Coffee Time!

Rychan's taken the word Coffee from this month's MindPoke, and is rushing ahead with a coffee running action game.
Less than a week, and he already has bits of a NES game coded.
Good grief, he's getting fast at that!

Noggin Update

Spinal posts another indev video of his upcoming SmileBASIC game, Noggin.
Everything's looking nice and smooth now.
Just a bit more playtesting, from the look of things.



More oddities from Rockford's box of snacks, with bananas and cheeses, potato snacks and more.

Food Findings

Meanwhile, Jay's given up trying to find a decent Mystery Box, so is now just posting things he's been discovering during his weekly on-line shopping trips.



Nintendo's big February Direct happened late last night, but it's in the future from when I'm writing this on Wednesday morning, so goodness knows how chaotic it was.
If you don't yet know, in the future, have a peek at this thread from the past, where the people on the forum have already posted about the things that haven't happened yet.


Where's the Fail Whale?

Twitter falls more and more into the pit of oblivion.
It's really not looking good, over there.


Another Bloody Game

Jay's stolen another game concept, and has done a "re-interpretation" of the 8-bit classic Project Future.
Run around and shoot the baddies, then shoot the baddies, and shoot them again.
OMG, they keep coming!!!


Question of the Day

The February QOTD thread has been spawned, and already there's discussions about making things disappear, using Audio well, taking account of feedback and much more.
Hop on in, and be sure to post your own thoughts.


A Quiet Week

Nothing broke, this week.
I made a couple of simpler tweaks to the site, removed the tweet BBCode because Elon's a monster, updated the BBCode/Advanced help pages a bit, and also uploaded a ton of pictures of my cat because the old "Random Cat Image" host seems to have died on its arse a long time ago.
But, no. No breakages, no odd instances, nothing bad to report.
If you've any "Could the BBCode do x/y/z" suggestions, let me know.

Incidentally, I looked into adding a Mastodon BBCode thing, but the whole decentralised thing seems to be a massive security hole, and I'm slightly unsure how to handle it.
If you can come up with a secure way to do it, be sure to male a suggestion or two. Let's spitball it!

Podcast Section


The Retronauts chat about the glorious Abe videogames, and how awesomely awesome they are.
They discuss the original, the ports, the sequels, the remasters, and even the Gameboy games.
Plenty of Abe to go 'round.
This is part one. I don't know how many parts there'll be, as this is the only one that's currently available!
Stay tuned to find out!!

Sophie Ellis-Bexter

Richard chats to Sophie about Groove Jet, Fame, and trying to squeeze Jarvis Cocker into a tiny flat.

Kathy Burke

Ed Gamble (no relation) and James Acaster chat to Kathy Burke, who is not smoking a fag.

Raymond Lee

Ben has a nice long Quantum Chat before his next leap.

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