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Created : 16 March 2023

#604 - 90% Waffle, 10% News

Weekly Newsletter

90% Waffle, 10% News

#604 - Thursday 16th March, 2023

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Every Thursday, Plotting notes all over the damn place.


Hello World

Today I need to write a level generator for a Deflektor style game, and as obvious as it seems, I'm struggling to come up with anything more interesting than "and pop a few of the random dots with the laser"
Also, something that annoys me with making these generators, is that because I know how it's coming up with the puzzle, I can usually backtrack it, and work out the solution really bloomin' easily.
I wonder if other players see levels as easily as I do?
The most recent example of this I can think of is Roland's Chronological Imperative, where the path seems really bloomin' obvious to me.
I wonder if I can make this Deflektor game any better?

.. If not, I'll probably do another platform game or something.



Steve adds a pause screen to his worm/snake game.
It has paws!

Sprawling ChatGPT Thread of Chaos!

Spinal's been enhancing his Max Headroom style speaker program, and ChatGPT gets a new version.
Tuesday night saw OpenAI doing a live video introduction thing for the new ChatGPT-4, and the new version seems mighty impressive.
The great Poe site that Pakz found the other week now has a premium $20p/m subscription if you'd like to make use of the ChatGPT-4 functionality.
... bit pricy, that, though.

I seriously need to reorganise this thread, it's all over the bloomin' place.
Unfortunately, I never did add that "Split Thread" function to the site, so I think today will either be spent coding that, or hacking the database manually!!!
And I'm far too lazy to code it.



Rychan's been playing the SNES version of F-Zero, streamed onto Twitch, and has got all wrapped up in the soundtrack.
Jay suggests the Sega-made GX/AX Gamecube/Arcade version had the BEST soundtrack, but some of the tracks in Smash Bros are awfully good, too.
What are your favourite F-Zero tracks, be they music or race tracks.


Karate Knight

The evil Karate Knight (That's not a thing, but neither Ninja nor Shinobi start with K) is attacking the butterflies.
But it's ok, 'cos they're evil butterflies, so they deserve it.


Prior to figuring out how the game might play, Jay built a quick version of the scrolling background effect and posted it to GotoJSE.
.. Which is odd, because the final game doesn't have a scrolling background!

JMTrackr 2

I haven't been numbering JMTrackr versions, so this is probably about 8, by this point.
Anyhoo, I'm working on a new version, and will shortly be integrating it into JSE and Browsercade
My issues with the previous one include that it couldn't do 3/4 tracks, and that all the notes got slapped into the same "Melody" note collection.
The new one includes 3/4 patterns, and also splits notes into Melody, Harmony and Bass, so that the random player doohickey has a bit more leeway with how the end result ends up.
It's not quite ready yet, but you can at least play with the beta version, and hear some occasionally lovely results!



This week's Questions involve Jealousy, Hatred, Photography, Theft and Picking your Nose.
Sure, ok..

Poll Confusion

Over in the Poll thread, Dan reveals that he's never seen Thunderbirds, and Jay discovers that Granada used to be a motorway service station company.

Podcast Section

Dark Cover of the Moon

Coverville presents an entire album's worth of Pink Floyd covers.


A sports podcast?
Don't worry, it's nothing like that.
Instead, here's Legacy Music Hour's retro tribute to Sports videogame music.

Hello Joe

Joe, off of Adam and, chats to Richard Herring in this week's RHLSTP.
Expect strong language!

Bonus Tube





ChatGPT's Poetry of the Week

Poor Ben, he used to get hugs galore
From contestants on Tipping Point, he'd adore
But now he stands back, can't get too near
Covid's spreading, it's what he must fear

Poor Ben, he misses those hugs so sweet
But he knows safety is what he must meet
He drops the coins, into the machine
And hopes for better days, when things are clean

Ben still gives away the money in stacks
And keeps the game fair, that's just a fact
He's still the host, your game show friend
Hoping for a day when this will end

If you go on Tipping Point, don't forget
Ben's still the same guy, he's not upset
Just give him a wave, or a friendly hello
He'll keep the game going, with or without the glow

{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!