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Created : 15 February 2024

#618 - Skippity Do


Skippity Do

#618 - Friday 16th February, 2024

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I only own two pairs of shoes.


Hello World

I ordered a second Shoe Rack, this morning.
This one should (!!) be sturdy enough to fit atop the desk, holding all my consoles (except for the ruddy great big X360) with plenty of space around the back to trail the myriad of wires around the place.
I still need to figure out how the hell I'm going to wire everything up, though.
I'd rather not go down the "masses of cables trailing around to a ginormous switched toggle thing" route, all crammed nastily behind the telly, like I did before.
There's also all the power plugs and bricks and whatnot.

It might be a case of bundling cables neatly into boxes and *gasp* having to plug and unplug things, rather than leaving everything toggled in together in a massive labyrinth of cables and chaos.

Gonna have to organise another drawer for those, I reckon.
.. My god.... Where will all the noodles go!?!


Flapping to Success

As Cyangames' kickstarter heads towards the final day of funding (25th February) it's managed to earn over $17k, at time of writing.
There's a couple of stretch goals available, but first he has to get that Gameboy version finished.
It's ok if that version's a little later, though, I reckon.
Folk will understand.
As long as the NES version's done, anyone who's waiting for the GB edition should be able to see that it is at least happening.
Good luck, Cyangames!



QuentinPSausages has been working on a brand new videogame adaptation of the TV show Knightmare, for the ZX Spectrum.
He's not posted much about it, yet, but you can head over to his site to find out a little more, and let him know you're interested in putting the helmet on.


Steve Wright

One of the classic Radio One DJs from the golden era of the station, Steve Wright passed away on Monday, aged 69.

AI Stuffage


Paks brings us news that the wonderful Poe site has become credit/subscription based, meaning you can only chat a little each day without forking over cash for a subscription.
.. But worryingly, even then, you might end up hitting your monthly limit.
I'm sure they'll figure this out swiftly enough, and work out ways you can pay for extra credits as needed, but right now it's a bit of a broken credit system.
I do love Poe, though, so I hope they can figure something out quickly.


Pakz managed to get Bard to code a nice little javascript thing that would draw a bunch of little worms, which try to avoid each other.

Mario's Mushroom Adventure

Suno AI bangs out another belter.


Idea Button

Since I've completely run out of ideas, I thought I'd ask Poe to come up with a bunch of idea words that I can bang into a randomiser, and then have a nice big red button to bring me a whole new amazeballs game idea!!!
It works, I guess, but the ideas aren't exactly the best of the bunch.
I might just shove "Platdude, Blockman, Spike" into the mix, so it's more my kinds of games!
(Isn't this what MindPoke was supposed to be..?! What happened to that!?!)

Vegetables vs Cupcakes

A little lacking in imagination, this week, so the resulting game is more than a little generic. It's also incredibly difficult due to the unbalanced randomness of it all.


This week's ALChoon is still not done, but luckily I didn't bother writing a newsletter last week, so I can pretend that everything's perfectly normal and that this is definitely this week's ALChoon, not last weeks!
Everything is fine.


If you'd like to see your AI Art in a future AI Gallery, PM them my way, or post them to the DallE3 Thread, and I'll pick out a few for next week's Newsletter.

"Pacman riding a mutated horse through a beautiful alien landscape, cinematic, vibrant colours, reflections"

"Sonic the Hedgehog. But not for long.."

"A lonely valentines day for Parappa the Rapper"

"Mario takes off his gloves. hairy hands. Very hairy hands. Holding a mushroom and a plunger"

"Frosted Cupcakes va Angry Vegetables"



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