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Shroom @ Oxford?

22nd December 2011

Haven't posted in a while, but I have been lurking -- definitely warranted some congratulations,



Averaging / ''Smoothing'' a 2 dimensional array?

28th November 2011

For some theory, look up convolution, and specifically using a box filter and a gaussian filter.


Multi-user CMS - conflicting writes?

7th August 2011

You can always do a lock or semaphore type of mechanism; basically when one user opens the article for editing then the other users are not allowed to until the original user releases (or perhaps times out).

I like your idea though as well, you could ju*snip*


Google try again! plus!

30th June 2011

I'm still waiting for Diaspora. Though I'm not sure it will ever take off even when it does get released.


Java Integer Baffler

25th May 2011

LOL! This is great. I'm going to have to sneak this bit into someone's project just to see how insane s/he goes.


Android Reviews?

15th April 2011

I've got an android phone -- HTC Droid Incredible. It works great, I haven't had any problems with it. I turned off some things and so I can get ~2 days of battery life off of it as long as I'm not going crazy. But keep in mind, I will be checking my e-mai*snip*


scrap the forum?

6th April 2011

The replies should be threaded in-line


Design : A better programming file format

15th February 2011

It would be interesting to see some kind of super-file that could store all of the resources in one location. You could probably take a tip from Microsoft's docx, pptx, etc... formats which are really just zip files containing xml in structured folders. So*snip*


Honeymoon Ideas

12th January 2011

The cost of flights alone would put you in the hole if you went to Hawaii... or any other non-continental location for that matter; just looking at prices for Hawaii it looks like about $1,000 from Detroit to Hawaii...

I would recommend Florida, since i*snip*


How to: Hafnium

27th December 2010

I don't think you can begin to understand the mathematics behind all of this. Unfortunately it's not something you can just throw together in your basement; the precision manufacturing required for such a feat is incredible-- but that's just the manufactur*snip*


What'd you get?

26th December 2010

I got a cover for my phone, some shirts, books, and some money.

@Afr0: get the dolphin web browser, it's a lot better than the default one with android, especially at handling javascript dropdown menus.


What Will You Do : 2011

23rd December 2010

Build some robots!


Student Fes in Britain

22nd December 2010

Afr0, flying private jets is an extremely costly venture in and of itself. I don't think you realize just how rich some of these people are.

People aren't allowed to just smoke Cuban cigars, they have to get them illegally. Because they are illegal, the*snip*


Student Fes in Britain

21st December 2010

[quote=Afr0]Just to clarify; I'm not saying rich people should pay more than everyone else.
I'm just saying that, percentagewise, they should pay as much as everyone else, even if that amounts to more money.[/quote]

Actually, percentage wise, they pay *snip*


What's Going On : 15th December 2010

15th December 2010

[h1]In General[/h1]
[b]How are you?[/b]

[b]What did you get done this week.[/b]
[*]Exam week is over!
[*]Wrote some code for the robot
[*]Ordered a bunch of new parts for the robot

[b]Did everything turn out as planned?[/b] *snip*


Student Fes in Britain

14th December 2010

I'm not trying to create class differences, I'm just saying that there are lots of jobs that need to be filled, and so not everybody needs to get a 4-year degree from a university, as there are lots of alternatives to living your life.

I'm speaking from*snip*


Student Fes in Britain

13th December 2010

[quote]I don't quite get this. I meant love and admiration for the royals themselves, not our governmental structure.[/quote]

I mean that they probably don't even realize you have a royal family.

I mean, people know y'all h*snip*


Student Fes in Britain

11th December 2010

Okay allow me to clarify how American universities get funded:

There are two types, Private and Public institutions:

Private institutions do not receive any money from the state they reside in. Public institutions do receive money from the state, and*snip*


Virtual machine / assembler design

11th December 2010

This is a classic CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) vs. RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing). And to answer your question, modern systems are aimed at being more RISC-like. The idea is to compute with only very simple instructions, let the proce*snip*



24th November 2010

There are some languages (like Haskell) that don't even evaluate the parameters until they're needed in the function call!


minor electronics?...

12th November 2010

If the batteries are all identical you should be able to put them all in parallel without issue. The only thing that you might want to do is make sure they are all balanced.

In truth though, I would say it would probably be better to put both "other bat*snip*


Supreme Commander Vs C+C Zero Hour?

28th October 2010

I really enjoyed playing Supreme Commander. I think it has unmatched scale in the RTS world. And how can you not love using a giant mechanized spider that shoots lasers and steps on tanks?

Having said that, my answer is StarCraft II. :P


good adventury RPG recommendations

12th September 2010

Dragon Age is a lot of fun, good plot line.


Draw me some tiles...!

28th August 2010



Universal Clock

28th August 2010

I think he just means getting a standard time, such as everyone using UTC/GMT instead of each computer using their local time.

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