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Wii to N64 adapter

10th June 2017

Not much of a blog post, but I made a Wii Classic controller to N64 adapter.
It works just the same as my PS2->N64 adapter only without rumble, the Classic controller doesn't support that :-(
Wii64 (.zip)
So there you go.
I tested it with an off*snip*


All my makes!

2nd May 2017

For ease of searching (I quite often need to re-read some of my old stuff), here is a bunch of links to some of the things I've made/broken...
Raspberry Pi Gamegear
Arduino tetris with wii nunchuck thing
Intellivision controller adapter
PS2 to N64 *snip*


Sensitive - Arduboy!

30th March 2017

OK, I don't often finish coding games and this is no exception. I have however got it to a point where I'm happy to show off about it.
It's my Arduboy remake (demake?) of my fav. C64 game Sensitive by Oliver Kirwa.
I couldn't get a decent*snip*


mini project

16th February 2017

Started my next mini-project...
Butchered, re-mounted and tested an analog stick from a dead PS2 controller.
The stick seems to be working fine.
Gutted an N64 control stick after failing to repair it.
Managed to mount the PS2 stick in the lower half of*snip*


Intellivision Controller Adapter

16th September 2016

As some of you will know, I have just spent a few days cobbling together an adapter to use an old Matel Intellivision controller on a PC.
I know there are a couple of solutions already, but this one is mine, so there.
I decided that the simplest way woul*snip*



29th May 2016

Frodo 3DS


PS2 to N64 Adapter

27th April 2016

Who here honestly can say that the N64 controller has stood the test of time? Those who even saw he design as a good one (me included) will also admit that the quality of the parts used resulted in what was essentially a poor controller. Through time the j*snip*


Global Variables!

5th November 2015

And this is why I hate c++ with all my being!
extern bool checkSound;
#include ''main.h''
bool soundCheck=false;
#include ''main.h''
bool soundCheck=false;
multiple definition of 'soundCheck'


Mac Rant!

4th June 2014

Some of you know that a year or so ago, possibly a little longer, can't quite remember, I made the switch from a Windows PC to an OS X Mac Mini, that was a lot of commas in that sentence, I wonder if it was grammatically accurate?
Anyway It's time a my ra*snip*


Javascript game pt1

16th January 2012

As it will be a long time before I can afford a mac to attempt some iDev, discovering that Apple have allowed html pages to be kept offline and loaded from the springboard on iPad, I though... javascript, that shouldn't be too hard to learn!
Well, as I st*snip*


Convert any 3d video to 3DS format

7th December 2011

Watch movies on your 3DS!


Retro Trackball...

22nd September 2011

I recently ordered a Mastersystem joypad from ebay, guess what I did when it arrived!!
That's right! I cut it up and turned into something else. That something else, was a wireless trackball! Now I can control my P from the other side of the room and look*snip*



21st July 2011

Multi Emu frontend


Learning ASM...

22nd February 2010

OK, As I could find almost no information about coding C for the SNES, I'm going to have to learn ASM.
65816 ASM to be exact, but I'm going to start with the basics as I have never even considered learning this stuff before.
I'm going to post my findings*snip*



17th February 2010

OK, so, in order to attempt some SNES coding without learning ASM, I downloaded a SNES C compiler. Great I though, that is, until I tried to set it up. Like most so called 'good' software, it came in the form of a bunch of source code which I had to compil*snip*


DScovered - WIP (was DS cover flow)

28th November 2009

Over the past few days, I have started work on Coverflow DS (name may change later). Basically, much like DSision and DSision2, I am trying to make loading files on the DS look better. This idea, as you can tell, is based on the iPod/iPhone/*snip*


I Hate Twips!!!!!!!

21st November 2009

Why oh why oh why did Microsoft decide that we have to use resolution independent measurements for measuring objects??!
All I want to do is load an image and resize it to 128*128px, but will vb let me do this? NO! Absolutely everything about my program co*snip*


Unnamed game...

27th September 2009

As this has developed from and idea into some actual code, I figured I'd stick it in a blog entry...
The game is currently going by the name 'Without Walls' But I don't like it, another name is needed, preferably something without a DS in it :P.
Anyhow, *snip*


Old comics...

25th August 2009

I just found a bunch of old comics when I was clearing through some stuff, they seem to be from the late 70's and early 80's.
One of them is a UK first edition of Captain America...
Does anyone know if it's worth anything? or know anyone i*snip*



12th August 2009

Just for fun, I made an imitation DSi menu for the DS/Lite, it looks very authentic, and feels quite authentic too.
Currently it supports stylus and button controls, shows battery status, charging status, time, date, your name and the gui even uses your c*snip*


Venous Aneurysm

5th August 2009

That's right guys, time to tell you about another lump I have!
I have had a lump on my foot for many years now, I never though much of it, except to prod it now and then and say 'eww'. For years, my girlfriend has told me to stop prodding it and that's it*snip*


Time and Time again...

22nd July 2009

I never got around to adding this to my blog, so here it is.
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fan of Bill & Ted. After watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey about a million times over the past 15 years or so*snip*


Happy Holiday

28th June 2009

Or was it?


A DS Organiser...

1st June 2009

Just thought I'd share with you guys that I have started working on a small organiser app for the DS. Yes I know there are a couple of these already, but mine will have one major difference.... It will look good (that's not saying it will actually work, bu*snip*


Long Filenames!!!!!!!!!!!!

19th May 2009

After all these years, you'd think they could get this right!!!!
Thats on XP home with SP3 on NTFS!!!!
[edit] turns out im an idiot... im leaving this here so i dont forget...

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