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Wii to N64 adapter

10th June 2017

Not much of a blog post, but I made a Wii Classic controller to N64 adapter.
It works just the same as my PS2->N64 adapter only without rumble, the Classic controller doesn't support that :-(
Wii64 (.zip)
So there you go.
I tested it with an off*snip*


All my makes!

2nd May 2017

For ease of searching (I quite often need to re-read some of my old stuff), here is a bunch of links to some of the things I've made/broken...
Raspberry Pi Gamegear
Arduino tetris with wii nunchuck thing
Intellivision controller adapter
PS2 to N64 *snip*


Sensitive - Arduboy!

30th March 2017

OK, I don't often finish coding games and this is no exception. I have however got it to a point where I'm happy to show off about it.
It's my Arduboy remake (demake?) of my fav. C64 game Sensitive by Oliver Kirwa.
I couldn't get a decent*snip*


mini project

16th February 2017

Started my next mini-project...
Butchered, re-mounted and tested an analog stick from a dead PS2 controller.
The stick seems to be working fine.
Gutted an N64 control stick after failing to repair it.
Managed to mount the PS2 stick in the lower half of*snip*


Intellivision Controller Adapter

16th September 2016

As some of you will know, I have just spent a few days cobbling together an adapter to use an old Matel Intellivision controller on a PC.
I know there are a couple of solutions already, but this one is mine, so there.
I decided that the simplest way woul*snip*



29th May 2016

Frodo 3DS

Latest Showcases


CRT Border

22nd September 2022

Are you tired of watching 4:3 aspect videos with black borders down the sides? You are!
Then why not try my latset time wasting app! The CRT Border!
Simple load up your media player of choice, loadup CRT Border and watch your old videos the way they were*snip*


Monitor Menu

18th May 2020

Monitor Menu is a simulation of an old CRT computer monitor settings menu


Tiny Blocks

13th May 2017

It's a classic block-falling game



27th November 2016

Spinals Simple Arduboy Sprite Editor


MicroQuest FREE iOS Game :-)

19th January 2013

While Curtis Nerdly was away from his computer, a nasty pirate (Capt. Nick De Code) came and stole his program code. Control Curtis and navigate a range of challenges to retrieve all of the program code and prevent it's spread via piracy.