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Game Development Progress

13th October 2021

I couldn't find the initial topic for my game so I will put any future progress in this blog.
Here's a more up to date version: 2021/41/GameTeaser (.zip)


2D TileMap Editor

28th December 2017

Some time ago I began dabbling in the world of Winforms C#, and have been working on a tile map editor. Here is a sort of working, and probably very buggy, prototype version. There are also a couple of map examples that I lobbed in with it.
Also not every*snip*


My Arduino experience.

10th March 2017

As many of you know, I've been playing around with Arduino since recently. I've made a video to demonstrate that a 4x4 membrane keypad can be used without the need for any keypad libraries.
Here's the video, I will be uploading a circuit diagr*snip*


Monkey-X Box2D: Learning from my perspective... Hopefully!

8th August 2016

Learning Box2D with Monkey-X: Based on my personal experience.
So, I decided to have a go at using the Box2D/monkeybox2d module. At the moment I've been attempting to break down some tutorials,
which were kindly provided by skid over at monkey-x.com*snip*


Centipede remake

14th December 2015

Been busy with coding a Centipede remake.
So far I have pedes roaming around the screen, they change direction when they come in contact with the scenery or another pede.
Projectiles can now be fired from the player sprite.
Mushrooms appear when *snip*


Powerball Hack

4th November 2014

I mentioned on this forum a short while ago that I had got my hands on a Powerball from an ebay auction, I also mentioned that I was going to make it into an electric generator.
I've been doing the hack over the past couple of days and have so far man*snip*


Mutant Monty: Amstrad CPC to Windows conversion

17th April 2013

I've been working on a conversion project over the past few weeks, I neglected this project a couple of times before and am now begining to understand why there doesn't seem to be any current clones or remakes of Mutant Monty, converting this from the Amst*snip*


Been having a go with Processing.

8th January 2011

I've been having a play with Processing, for those who dont know what that is then go to (Linkage).
Here's a simple Snake game I managed to kludge together. I've only been learning Processing for about a week so expect it to be crap and buggy.


More fun with XNA

23rd August 2009

A little project I kludged together.
This one draws a grid using my own generic rectangle class.
>Download XNA Grid Here<


Playing with XNA again.

22nd August 2009

It seems apparent that XNA has no native Rect command, so I thought I would have a go at coding one myself.
protected void Rect(GraphicsDevice g, SpriteBatch s, int x, int y, int w, int h, Color c, bool filled)
if (*snip*


My first XNA programming attempt.

4th May 2007

First off this is my first ever Blog, so please forgive me for it being crap.
Here's my first ever successful attempt at programming with C#, and the XNA framework. So far it consists of a picture of The Mousey Of Power (Kent), which can be moved around t*snip*

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