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Created : 01 February 2007
Edited : 04 February 2008
System : Windows
Language : Blitz Max

Duck Dash

Atari ST public domain game.

Duck Dash (PC, Linux & Mac)
Original game (and graphics) by John Gymer of Kingfisher Software

This was a Public Domain release for the Atari ST.

PC Remake is copyright 2007 by Andrew Pointon (The Caffeine Kid) of TCKSOFT


Simply collect all the eggs on each level to progress to the next.

When you walk on tiles they become cracked and cannot be used again.

It is possible to scroll the lines/colums of tiles (CTRL+Cursors) so don't worry you cannot trap yourself surrounded by broken tiles.

Careful you don't get caught in the spider's web or you will be stuck for a moment.

Avoid the baddies or you will be a dead duck.



Thursday, 01 February 2007, 15:10
First thing I thought when I looked at this was that it looked like something I had on my amiga, but not. I give it a go in a bit
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 15:18
The sound effects are a bit annoying, (quack-quack-quack-quack!!) but otherwise a nice fun game.
I like the ability to move the tiles (ctrl-cursors)
Could easily be Deluxe-style* updated with a little bit of work.

*By which I refer to Edgar (um.. "Deluxe Galaga Guy")'s Deluxe Galaga+Pacman games.
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 15:27
Yeah I liked it The wobbly title screen was cool. Is it 64 colour? If it is its done very well. My first go I scored 1500 and something, might see if i can beat it...
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 15:47
Excellent stuff, caffeinekid
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 16:06
power mousey
kudos, caffiene kid.

a very good and quacky game.

I see you were high kid, and on the caffiene...when you re-made this game.

I had to quit after awhile, because I became strangely obsessed with collecting duck eggs and hearing the little quacker quack his head off.

power mousey
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 17:20
Cheers guys, glad you like it. I'm just trying to get back into the coding habit - I've lapsed for a long while, with a few little exceptions.

I want to get back on the horse - I really love coding and putting little games together, just me and Blitz seemed to grow apart.
Thursday, 01 February 2007, 20:43
power mousey
hey, is the horse's name Tiny or Cinammon?

Its been awhile, but Mark and I go or have been horseback riding. I love it.
Tiny is a horse in one of the stables at Mount Diablo,
Walnut Creek. He is huge and like a warhorse.
Cinammon is a female and full of friskiness and fun too.
Give her a few apples and she will calm down and like you. Also, Mitch is a cool white horse too.

I'm almost totally absorb in the Alternatives Working on design, characters and stories. I'm also working on a game menu. When I'm done with my game menu...a simple one at that...I'll work on something for you. serious.
It might involve a certain or similar duck.

power blitzer mousey
Friday, 02 February 2007, 05:26
Horse? What horse? You just made my brain fall out. LOL
Friday, 02 February 2007, 07:26
did you make that duck in the image? If so that pretty good.
Friday, 02 February 2007, 08:57
All the graphics are copyright of the original author John Gymer. Love those nice chunky pixels - the original game was in a res of only 320x200 on the Atari ST.
Friday, 02 February 2007, 11:06
power mousey
yes, horse.

cough,cough. hay is for horses.

"I really want to get back on the horse- I really love coding and putting little games..."

the mighty and wondorous Oz has spoken.....

power mousey
Saturday, 03 February 2007, 04:30
Good game, I like it... Very addictive.
Saturday, 03 February 2007, 04:42
power mousey
so hey,

caffeinekid. I invite you and my brother Mark for
a day of horsebackriding on the back trails and near the dam up Mount Diablo, and in Walnut Creek.
Mark has his own horse to ride. I'll let you ride either Tiny or Cinammon....as we all go horsebackriding. And of course, with some fellow cowboy guides too.
As we ride off on the trails...you begin to code and inspiration comes fresh in your mind. Sitting bareback on the horse and the sounds as the bottoms of the horses' hoofs brings back to your memory of Blitz Basic.

happy trails pardner

power mousey
Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 02:28
Sorry Mr. Mouse but being in the UK and not having a passport probably means that is out of the question. LOL
Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 06:17
power mousey
well, the hay is in the horses' mouth
and the corn is being chomped by the cows.

anytime, you're in south San Jose
and you like to go horsebackriding
then, look the power mousey up. true.

I don't know about Cinammon but I know Tiny wouldn't mind.

power mousey
Thursday, 05 April 2007, 06:03
Wierd, I'm actually the original author of Duck Dash, and I never thought I'd see anyone attempt a proper PC remake!! Good for you, and I see some interesting enhancements too, such as the tile shifting. Fab stuff!

I don't have an Atari anymore, but a couple of years ago I tinkered with a PC emulator and saw this stuff all over again... what a strange trip!
Thursday, 05 April 2007, 07:08
Glad to see an original author around here.

Do you do much programming nowadays?
And, erm.
Welcome to the site, enjoy your stay!
Thursday, 05 April 2007, 08:21
Erm, sad to say I went 'corporate'... well sort of anyway... there are 4 of us writing 'change management' software to corporates... unfortunately that's where the money is. Still, it is great to see this old stuff still being of interest.

Not sure how the conversion to PC for Duck Dash was done, but I think I still have the source code and related material somewhere if anyone is interested... and for the various other magazine cover games that I did... (some for ST and some for 8-bit Atari).
Friday, 06 April 2007, 08:33
Hi John, good to see you here, I did look for you on the net and try to contact you before releasing this remake. It's a relief that you seem to be fine with that.

Hopefully it's opened your game to a whole new audience.

Someone even asked me to add online high-scores for the game, which I might do at some point.
Friday, 31 August 2007, 10:11
I got 56 :S