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Created : 07 June 2014
Edited : 07 June 2014
System : Android
Language : Other

Ascension 2 Live Wallpaper

A reboot of my older rainbow-filled live wallpaper. Because yeah.

App on Google Play Store
The Ascension 2 Live Wallpaper is a rewrite of the first version of the app of the same name (sans the 2). Basically, it draws vertical bars on the screen that you can tap and they'll change color and the colors are configurable and really damn near everything in the app is configurable. The store's description probably uses "personalize" as its favorite verb, which is accurate since the whole idea is that there are enough sliders and options that, unless you're using a preset, hopefully you won't end up with the exact same configuration twice.

The app itself used to be a paid app — after a bout of frustration, though, I decided to make the app free. It makes my life simpler, which makes me considerably happier than otherwise. It's been out for a while too, but I never got around to writing a showcase for it 'cause I don't like selling things to friends and I'm too cynical to show it off as just a cool thing anymore.

Anyway, have fun trying it, and if you like it, consider sharing it with people and leaving a review on the Play store, since the only things I get out of it anymore are user reviews and seeing the download count increase.

Latest Update

Nothing here. Play Store handles release notes.



Wednesday, 11 June 2014, 13:45
This looks really slick.

For what platforms does this work?
Friday, 13 June 2014, 13:48
Awesome! I stopped using Ascension on my phone (but not my tablets) about a month ago because I found a really nice picture of George B. McClellan and felt an urge to set it as my wallpaper... but I think this app, along with its ideal price, is going to bring me back. Thanks Cower! I'm going to download this right now.