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Created : 23 August 2007
System : Windows
Language : Blitz


Connect with a friend via network/internet and draw/type simultaneously to easily explain things visually.

This program allows 2 people to connect to each other and draw simultaneously. It uses a single TCP port, which you can change (optional). One person can host and another can connect. For more information on connections, see my Connection Problems? page.

Originally I've created this tool to easily explain things visually via the internet, without the need for, for example, a webcam. Multiple brushes, colors and other features are included to make explaining and working together easier. Enter test at the first prompt to run locally. And press F1 for help.

The download package includes a Windows executable, and a connection guide (same as above).



Thursday, 23 August 2007, 08:37
That looks quite useful! I've often wanted to be able to explain things visually when talking to people.

I ran it in test mode, and it was rather slow (being my computer ). Would it be possible to have a fixed window size (instead of that resizeable one that I believe may make it slower), or fullscreen? That would be great!
Thursday, 23 August 2007, 16:30
How do I get the fancy grid and the colours working though?
All I got was white on black.
Saturday, 25 August 2007, 05:47
Hm... TheMadProff and I tried to use this, but neither of us could connect to the other. Any advice?
Sunday, 26 August 2007, 06:20
Hehe ShroomMonk
I'll add another resolution command line thingy for ya in a bit

HoboBen: If you press F1 in the program, you'll see which keys you can use, like Tab for interface options and F6 for grid (I think).

ShroomMonk: Did you read the connection guide included with the program? (Or the one linked above)

Thanks for trying it out, guys
Sunday, 26 August 2007, 07:00
I read the connection guide text document, but I couldn't find the problem. Of course, it could be a problem with my router, or TMP's, but I really don't know - the closest I got to being able to debug anything was checking my firewall, which said that the program was trying to contact TheMadProff's computer, or listening (depending which way round we did it).
Sunday, 26 August 2007, 07:52
You could always try turning off firewalls, then port forwarding to your local network address to at least get 1 side working as a server (if your friend isn't already directly connected to the internet).

BTW, if you thought that the program ran slow on your computer, try turning VSync off and increasing the CPU time from within the program.

The new version is ready and waiting for upload tomorrow
Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 06:55
New version is up!

Add command line parameters 16, 24 or 32 for those forced color depths, and fullscreen or windowed to force qDoodle to run like that as well
Thursday, 30 August 2007, 12:43
Well, in fullscreen, it runs at a decent speed. However, I have a few more improvements that could be made :
1) You can't see the mouse in fullscreen. Perhaps a pen graphic?
2) You can exit without using the Task Manager. ESC to exit?

Still, this new version is great. I can draw and write text... but how do you change colour? Also, what are the spinning wheels in the bottom right corner for?

All of the above was done in 'test' mode. I'm yet to figure out with TheMadProff how we can get the connection working.
Friday, 31 August 2007, 12:20
Hmm, I really must urge you to press F1 (=help)

To increase speed to your liking, use F3 and F4 and F11 (all explained on F1).
To change color, use Tab (see F1).
To exit press F10 (see F1).

A custom pointer has been on the list for a while now, and will be included in the next version (along with seeing the remote side's mouse pointer as well lol), but this program is really intended to be run in a window, so you can adjust the speeds of the program from within the program (see F1) to fit your personal need for speed (see F1).

Do you mean by 'slow speed' that if you quickly draw a circle, you can clearly see it being made up of lines?
You can increase the number of updates of the program to make the curve smoother (see F1)

|edit| The new version is up!
Secret feature: Ctrl+F5 toggles remote mouse cursor view |edit|