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WIP: Hero Extant

20th May 2010

So here's what I've spent the last few days on...
Generates a random fractal landscape, simulates temperature bands, wind & rain, then rain water flow leading to lakes and rivers, then decides what terrain type the resultant til*snip*



10th January 2009

Off topic post ahead!


WIP Platformer

21st December 2008

Replaying Commander Keen again, I decided I just had to start working on a platformer game myself.
Course, I've made several attempts before, but I can never be bothered to draw & animate the player and all the bad guys!
So I decided to get the compu*snip*


Fun w/Google Maps

10th July 2008

Grabbed two screenshots off Google maps, stitched them together in Gimp, went to Filters > Map > Make Seamless, and this is the result:
(dead link)
A nice tileable landscape, perfect for a shmup!
It even blurs out the copyright watermarks...


The GUI... attempt n+1

29th May 2008

I never got too far with my last attempt(s!). All that scripting and window-managing and junk got too bloated and complicated - and I didn't have anything usable other than buttons and tickboxes!
So I started again.
Nine days later, I really am almo*snip*



23rd March 2008

I managed to fix my old external/USB floppy drive, so first thing I did was grab all four floppy disks that the first Civilization game came on.
Any later version (Civ II to Civ IV, that yuechy 3D one) comes nowhere close to how amazing this original one *snip*

Latest Showcases



17th December 2017

bakefont3 is a python3 module for rasterising font glyphs into a RGBA texture atlas and exporting metrics and kerning information, and a C library for loading that information.


SVG Tech Demo 2

4th September 2010

While only an early release, full source code is provided including the XML Parser for loading SVG files.


Hero Extant: World Generator

30th May 2010

A random world generator, part of a larger project. Now open source!!!


SVG Tech Demo 1

8th March 2010

Quick tech demo showing an SVG image of a star with a gradient being deformed. The star has 80 points for a detailed deformation.


XP GUI theme images

20th February 2010

A collection of small images that can be put together to emulate the windows XP GUI.


Jayenkai's Testing Ground

18th September 2008

A shoot-em-up crammed full of graphics and audio I nicked off the internet... mostly within the terms of use.
It has online highscores, so it can be entered into the WM012. It doesn't have any multiplayer gameplay though - feel free to call me a cheat*snip*