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Created : 28 September 2007
Edited : 28 September 2007
System : Windows
Language : Monkey

Line Counter Util

counts the lines of all your projects

Line Counter
Sometimes it's nice to be able to measure your productivity and one cheap way is to measure the amount of lines you have written. This little tool can allow you to easily find out how many lines have been written in the files in a folder.

It will search the given folder for files and sub-directories, checking counting all the lines in all the files it can find. It will print them out indented according to how deep down in sub-directories they are and tell you how many lines you have counted in total.

To use, simply drag a folder onto line_counter.exe. It can also be called from the command line, such as: "line_counter.exe c:\blitz\my project\"

Please note that the current version does not distinguish between different types of files. It will check your 1gb photoshop images if they are in the folder which might be really slow and cause unexpected results.



Saturday, 29 September 2007, 06:05
It has nothing to do with Vista or Windows. The source code 1.24kb (about 40+ lines) and so it's big because it has an entire Ruby VM inside the .exe. It's the only way to compile (for lack of a better word) Ruby for Windows and so all Ruby .exe's are big. But I don't really see the size as that much of a problem.

I am also adding functionality to allow you to only check source files of your choosing.
Friday, 05 October 2007, 13:04
If it only read the files of your chise it would be a very good thing to have, but now it's going to cound theline in my images and my sound. with some more work it could be a great app

hwop says that size matters, i have hundreds of gigabytes so hwo cares if it uses more than a meg?