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I drew another background

20th February 2012

Another day, another picture. It's another one I started ages ago:
I was thinking this could be near the beginning, giving you the first visual sign that you are in space.
Lots of things could be improved, the perspective seems a little of*snip*


I drew a background

18th February 2012

More drawing for the on-going RPG that I am (very) slowly building. This time it's a background:
I think the floor is too long, but other then that, I'm pretty happy with this. Usually I follow an existing picture pretty closely; trying to *snip*


more drawing

1st December 2011

I have started drawing again.
I'm going to try and draw something every day (or every other) to improve my skills further. I really want to get good enough to do produce good game graphics.


PlayMyCode Embedding!

11th March 2011

Thanks to Jay (thanks) you can now embed PlayMyCode games here on SoCoder. YAY! \\o/
For this you can use the new [ pmc ] tag. When you go to embed or share a game the url ends with 'username/title'. For example Spike Dislike's url is (Linkage)' and so en*snip*


PlayMyCode updates!

8th March 2011

Today I have three new updates out for PlayMyCode, YAY!
First a new forum so you can ask for help and discuss other stuff too.
Second a new blog so you can read about PlayMyCode and new PMC stuff in the pipeline (first post is being written as I type).


Transparent Arrays

4th February 2011

Last night I had a brainwave on a new language feature for Quby. I suspect this exists in other languages already, however it doesn't in many mainstream ones.
The problem is that you often want to hold a collection of values and then perform an operation *snip*

Latest Showcases


PHP Error

7th July 2012

Better error reporting in PHP


Pip The Pea

12th February 2010

Avoid the Ghosts and collect the Diamonds. See how much you can score. Could you become number 1 on the highscores?
Head over to StudioFortress now to play in your browser. Linky!



11th January 2010

some circles, end of.



13th October 2009

Inspired by Flight Control for the iPhone, this is a very loose remake in space using the mouse.
Lost in space, you must guide ships to the station by changing the gravitational constant of the universe itself.
Over time, space ships enter the screen. Th*snip*



4th October 2009

A boids remake


ColdWar Chaos

12th September 2009

Shoot-em-up Missile Command