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Socoder -> Wednesday Workshop -> #241 - The Apocalypse Challenge

Posted : Wednesday, 10 March 2010, 03:21

#241 - The Apocalypse Challenge

The Challenge

You survived the final level, and all appears to be well.
But wait! What's this?
A Game Over sign is floating in the middle of the screen?!
That means only one thing.
The game universe is about to self-destruct, and soon your entire world will be gone!!

So much for saving all those little creatures!! They're about to burn up in the atmosphere!

This week, make a game that places a character into that environment! Destroy the videogame universe, and leave the character thriving for his life!

The Time

Wed 10th March -> Wed 17th March 2010
You have until this timer hits zero to complete your entry. For the record, that's Tue/Wed, midnight GMT*. (Although that's more frequently becoming "When I bother to wake up, on a Wednesday morning") Aw, shit.. I died already!


Wednesday Workshop is just for fun.
It's not meant to be a competition.
It's just for fun.
The best technique is to try to stick to a 3 hour schedule for building the actual game. If you have more time during the week, build the game up, fix bugs, add music/titles, whatever.

The Rules

You're free to reuse functions here and there, if it helps speed up your dev-time. Old art and audio, are pretty much expected, since we don't all have time to create fully working masterpieces within the space of a week!

Other than that, the main coding for each week's task should be pretty much created within the time allocated.

If you use other people's art/sound/functions, give credit where credit's due.
To enter, post your game below. If you can't find anywhere decent to host it, send it to Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Additional rules are available here.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Thursday, 11 March 2010, 17:00
Okay I like this challenge...
If I could code, I'd have an entry in already! ^^
Posted : Saturday, 13 March 2010, 10:54
This challenge I'm not quite sure I understand.

Are you implying that we should beyond the end point and restore what was destroyed or destroy what was restored?

Posted : Sunday, 14 March 2010, 15:12
Well when you've finally finished Super Mario Brothers, what happens to Mario when you click "Play Again!"?

He dies.

You make the game as Mario, about to die, because you're about to click that button.