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Socoder -> Web Development -> Jayenkai Archive = Chaos!

Posted : Tuesday, 04 March 2014, 16:36
If you've been reading my random rantings in the Newsletters over the past few months, you'll know that around about the start of the year, I decided to completely rewrite my Jayenkai Archive site.
It was originally intended to be a fair quick task, but as I browsed through the archive's code, it became apparent that it was going to be anything but!!

Two months later, and getting slightly sick of not really making any progress whatsoever, I've opted to scrap the entire redux project, and go the "Tweaks until prettier" route instead.

I've spent roughly about 6 hours on this, tonight, and if I'm honest it's looking a damn sight better than it was earlier on today.
I've added Logo and Icon image files to the engine, shuffled the screenshots about, fixed the YouTube linking (god knows how long that's been broken!) and completely rejigged the main listings.

It's an awful lot of work, especially considering it's only really taken half a day. But it's not yet finished.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, including reworking the "System" listings, creating some kind of "Franchise" linking, as well as a whole host of other stuff that I've got in mind.

You can see the progress, so far, right here.
Spiky Tower makes use of the new Logo facility, and if you head to the main Archive page you'll notice it also uses an Icon, instead of the usual Thumbnail.

.. but like I said, that's just the beginning. There's LOADS more to do, and today has mostly been about shuffling bits and pieces around the place.

.. And yes, I'm still using tables.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Tuesday, 11 March 2014, 18:28
Starting to get a teensy bit messy again, as I struggle to fit all the possible search/sort options all onto the screen at once!!

Today I fixed up the System Search so that you can properly search for MacOS, Linux, OUYA, iOS and Android stuff.
Before, if you tried, it simply cobbled together all the Monkey/BlitzMax games and showed you a giant list which may or may not have contained compiled versions for that particular system.
Now it's much more specific about what it shows you, and.. unless I've buggered something up, clicking on one of the icons should ONLY list games that are available for that system..

In addition, I finally got around to adding Date-Search into the Archive, but rather than faff about trying to create a calendar, I've simply plopped a bunch of quick-click "Show me everything from this year" links on the right hand side.
There's also a "On This Day" link to show you any of my games previously released on this day in history.
In both cases, having clicked, the resulting URL is easily tweakable should you require anything more specific.

It's been a long day of tweaking.

Current Jayenkai Archive if you're feeling nosey!

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