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Socoder -> Off Topic -> Tweetbot Upload Script

Posted : Wednesday, 27 December 2017, 03:18

Tweetbot Upload Script

Over the course of Xmas 2017, I've become incredibly frustrated by Twitter's image-uploader.
Although Twitter can link to Facebook, so that any posts I make to Twitter get crossposted over to Facebook, it's getting really bloody shit at handling images.
.. Or, rather, it's really good at uploading images, stripping the quality to shit all, and then when it links on Facebook, it links to a "Twitter-Enclosed" bag of utter shite, which annoys anyone trying to look at the images.
The images don't even show thumbnails.
Basically, Twitter Image Upload sucks donkey bollocks..

So, over the past 24 hours, I've rewritten a chunk of the upload script to allow me to integrate Socoder Uploader directly into Tweetbot.
Other apps may work with this, but that's the app I use, so that's the one I've focused on.

If you head into your profile, you'll find a new small bit of info in the top-most panel. "Tweetbot Upload" has a URL to the right of it, in the box.

Copy this URL.

Next, open Tweetbot, go into settings, and head into your user "account settings" options.
In there is an Image Upload option. Select Custom, then paste the URL into there.

Now when you try to upload an image, it should (*should*) upload it to Socoder, into your "My Uploads" area, and return the link to Twitter.

I haven't coded it to work with multiple-images, but Tweetbot seems to cope by uploading each image separately. As always, cases may vary!

If you do attempt to use this, be sure to let me know how it goes, and what app you're using.
If it isn't working for a particular app, I'll probably juggle things around to try and make things more compatible.

Good luck!

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Posted : Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 05:16
All my Random functions have "jumped" a little, during the transfer to the new server, so if anyone's been using this functionality, you'll need to redo the URL.
Sorry!!! I'd look into why that happened, but I don't want it glitching again!

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