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Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 13:23


I'm getting sick of wondering whether I should lock every other damn thread, lately.
The world's becoming an absolute shithole, but let's not dig ourselves any deeper into the spiral of bitter insanity.

Can we go back to general Gamedev, Hardware, Technology, Telly and Music, Family and Pets, and other less shitty threads, please?

I mean, I know this stuff's important, and I really do like to bitch and whinge my arse off at times, but it's WAY too often that this crap's happening, lately, and I'm finding it harder and harder to put up with it all..
We can still be cheery through the crap, right guys!?

Maybe we need a gamedev challenge or two?

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 13:36
I'll start... Day in a life at Nissan

This is a true story, as you know, I work at Nissan in Sunderland, and its a biggggg plant, all walks of life in there as you can imagine.

Anyway, next to our cabins and fire pad, is a jet washing area, where they, well, jet wash shit... Anyway, theres a few work in there for Interserve, one of them is called Wayne, strange little bugger, but usually a laugh, and somehow, he always manages to set fire to his machine... Hes been through 2 since I've been there!

Anyway, last week, we were talking to one of the lads, and he said "Oi here, have you heard, Waynes been caught wanking again"

Now, for a few seconds, I was a bit "Eh?", and then the cogs started spinning... Wanking? Again?

And then I just burst out laughing, and was like "I'm not being funny, but what do you mean, caught wanking again?" <--- A "Is that spade a spade?" sorta question, but, I mean, I didnt know he'd been caught once!

Well, hes been caught before, a few times apparently, and on that day, this poor bloke walked around the corner, and there's this little bloke, with his trousers around his ankles, pulling the veins out of his neck... In between two dryers!?!

Apparently, when he gets the urge, he just drops his trolleys and, well... Aye... Wanks right there on the spot! :/

Imagine walking into that, especially when he fires... Counselling required!

The irony isnt forgotten that, well, for a living, he handles a pressured jet of liquid from a pointy thing! :/

The world does indeed, take all sorts!

So there, my little funny little WTF story of the day!


Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB), 8Gig DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 64bit
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 13:39
That's really not normal behaviour, and if it were me as manager, I probably wouldn't ever have to catch him a second time.. First time would be more than enough.

The fuck is wrong with people?

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 13:54
It isnt normal no, lol, but because of that, it made it funny mind... When I go in to the place again, I'll be like "Wayne... WAYNE... YOUR NOT WANKING ARE YOU?"

Theres a thing I thought I'd never have to ask someone at work!!!!

Anyway, regarding coding, I'm still playing with the Pi, I still cannot find a CRT to test that Maximite board on (Their like hens teeth), I'm now a fully qualified First Aider (With insurance) and I'm doing my fork lift license next month!

Its all go!


Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB), 8Gig DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 64bit
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 14:01
His surname isn't Kerr, is it?

Oh, and i don't talk about what I'm doing in Unity any more as I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing about Unity this... Unity that... just cracking on with it.
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 15:19
Apologies I've been a bit off the radar also, March has been kinda a slow month for me gamedev wise and I dunno why. Just been busy with work, kidlings and wifey stuff and by the time it gets around to 10pm-ish I'm a bit pooped out.

I've been getting back into the pokemon go again also of late, there's a few of us who go about raiding which is nice fun!

That and I think all the weirdness going on has just been getting to me and I don't even watch the news, cray cray eh?

That and I dunno, ASM is harder for me to sit down and just do I guess? Although that's prolly an excuse to be fair

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 15:44
OK, in that case, have some dickybirds!

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Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 15:50
Seriously though, if at any time I post anything that's a bit OTT, or if anyone thinks I'm being a penis, then tell me.
Posted : Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 15:52
I would most certainly let anyone know if they were being a penis, and I would expect the same if it were me. That's what moany old gits like us lot do.