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Posted : Tuesday, 09 November 2021, 03:26
Yeah our UK woolies got bought by the Littlewoods catalogue company.
C&A shut down so long ago, though.. mid 90s was it?
I was just peddling through a random town, and suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.. .. and the 360 video carried on a bit, so had to hit the "back 10 seconds button" and double check.

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Posted : Tuesday, 09 November 2021, 04:35
Woolies over here is one of the big supermarkets along with Coles, still find it strange to by groceries from woolies.
Posted : Tuesday, 09 November 2021, 04:47
Yeah, I'm not even sure if it was the same Mr Woolworth that started the Australian one. It's certainly a very different logo!
Might've been, though. I'd have to Google it, and Google already has me searching for C&A. If I add Woolworths to the list, next thing I know it'll be randomly redirecting me to Comets and British Home Stores!

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Posted : Thursday, 11 November 2021, 16:08
No VR, yesterday.. I forgot to put on my Snood (small rolly scarf thing) a couple of nights ago, and .. boy, was it a cold night. Not the best night to be forgetting that.. It resulted in, quite frankly, agony..
Yesterday was a complete write-off, as a result.

Today was much better, though, and with the bit of spare cash I had, (How fucking much am I paying for Water, nowadays? Fuxake!!) it was time to splash out on a couple of new games.

I first downloaded the "Gravity Sketch" thing, which lets you sketch and add cubes and such to a 3D area. Platdude was, of course, attempted, but I couldn't get to grips with the grid system, so he ended up a little haphazard in the end.
I'll try that again, tomorrow.
Also, I don't think it has Gravity.. I might be wrong, but .. Kinda in the name.. Why's it not there?!

I bought Hand Physics Lab, because that looked like a fun experimental sandbox type of thing. The "Your actual hands" hand tracking kinda works, but I wouldn't want to be doing too much with it.
This "game" is pretty much a bunch of blocks and buttons and slides puzzles and such, basically like a tutorial on how to use the hand tracking, but with fun physics involved along the way.

I also bought the game Rez Infinite. But after about 10 minutes playing with Hand Physics, previously faffing about with Gravity Sketch, and the usual Cycle/Sword exercise games before that, my head was no longer in a good place to carry on.

I'll Rez-it-up tomorrow, no doubt!

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Posted : Friday, 12 November 2021, 09:10
Back in the day, we had Woolworth's and Woolco (which was a spinoff and a much better store). Toys R Us tried to come back (here) in 2019 with 2 stores, but Covid killed them off.
Posted : Saturday, 13 November 2021, 16:02
... no...

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