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Posted : Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 09:04

Apple AirPods

Since getting an iPad Air 4th-gen, I've had to use a USB-Headphone dongle, as it has no headphone jack.
The second dongle in as many months started buggering up, yesterday.

I know it's the dongle.
The headphones work perfectly fine in the Macbook's earphone jack, and the headphones+dongle work as brokenly on the Macbook as they do on the iPad.

The first one died, so I decided "This time, I'll leave the dongle attached to the headphones, so there's no wear and tear on the connector.
But, no.. Must be something internal that's fucking up.

What to do...?


Today, my AirPods arrived.
I've leapt from "I wouldn't ever pay more than about a tenner for earphones", to "oh fuck, I just spent £159 on a pair of fucking earphones"

I swear to god, if these are dead in a month, I'm kicking Apple's arse.


They are a smidgeon bigger in your ear than Apple's EarPods. I thought they'd be the same, but they're a little bit chunkier.
I've had them in for about an hour, and now having removed them, I'm definitely having phantom-earbud-syndrome.

General Quality

Can't fault them, they're lovely sounding.
A bit more bass than EarPods, but definitely not as deep as those god-awful Sony headphones I have, where every snare drum sounds like a cascade of giant boulders.
It's a nice amount of bass.

I don't *think* I can hear any compression, but I'm no audiophile.

"Spatial Audio"

From the audio I've listened to, so far, not all that impressive if I'm honest.
It reminds me of the old "Boost" button my old PC Speakers had in the late 90s.. A bit of "echo and panning a bit", and not much else.
They have a Spatial Audio playlist, and .. it sounds way better in Stereo than it does in Spatial Audio.
I'll probably be sticking to Stereo.


It takes about 0.2 seconds between you hitting Play in music, and the music starting in your ears.
The same delay happens in videos, but thankfully it seems to know this is going to happen so delays the video to fit, on the few things I tested it on.
The one place that it's really noticeable is in KorgGadget, where you tap a note and .. .. .. then it plays.
That's a bit of a bummer, if I'm honest.


They're alright. Being able to switch between all my Apple-Addict devices is nice, and they're comfortable enough.
No complaints.
.. Except for the fucking price, and pretty much being forced into buying the god-damned things, because "oooh, let's remove the headphone jack"


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