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Socoder -> Music -> VSTi Plug-in Collection 2022

Posted : Monday, 11 July 2022, 06:34
For those interested, here's the list of plugins I currently have installed for use through Ableton.
Everything listed is available as both Mac AU/VSTi or as Windows VSTi, so you can easily use these in FLStudio, Cakewalk, GarageBand, or whatever other DAWs you currently have running... Unless they don't support VST/AU's, obviously!


SID : A Sid Chip emulator

YMCK's Magical 8bit Plug : Makes lovely raw synthy stuff

Surge XT

A variety of synths from FullBucket.de
Blooo, FB-3100, FB-3200, FB-3300, FB-7999, Kern, Modulair, MonoFury, Nabla, Qyooo, Ragnarok, Scrooo, Stigma, Tricent and WhispAir


Sonic-Cat's Purity ($49) : A delightful collection of sampled/synth'd sounds, including a full General Midi sound set.

Emvoice (about $79 per voice, sale depending) : A singing doohickey, quite good, but requires server access at all time, since it's (apparently) AI based.

Computer Music Plugin Collection

Purchase one copy of Computer Music magazine to get access to their Plugin Archive...
.. Not that I've used them much!
Bazille and Zebra are the only two I've actually kept from there!

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Posted : Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 05:53
More Free VST's that I've installed, today..


Spitfire : BBC Symphony Orchestra : A complete BBC Orchestra in your HDD!


Glitchmachines Fracture and Hysteresis
Both of these do more or less the same thing, taking the input and shuffling/glitching it up, but the Hysteresis also adds a delay with feedback, so the glitch can re-glitch and impact itself as it glitches away.

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Posted : Wednesday, 10 August 2022, 06:44
Meta Piano : A Mini Grand Piano

Only 40Mb for a fantastic sounding Grand Piano?
Meta Piano by Sampleson is only $89 (currently on sale at $59) and sounds wonderful!
.. Not sure I need a super-accurate grand piano, if I'm honest, but I'm leaving this link here in case I find myself wanting one in the future!

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Posted : Monday, 22 August 2022, 06:31
Pancake 2 from CableGuys : A slightly more feature-rich selection of Panning options than the default.

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Posted : Monday, 07 November 2022, 15:45
Installed 3 free plugins from u-he, today.

Protoverb : A lovely reverb effect with a text entry box. Shove in some text and it pseudo-randomly generates a new Reverb based on the text.

TripleCheese : An instrument with a ton of presets
Podolski : Another instrument with another ton of presets.
Both of these are similarly similar, until you get into the nitty gritty of how they work. It's FAR too much for me to understand at first glance, but the fact that both have oodles of presets, means I can at least twiddle around with some nice instruments until I figure out WTF I'm doing with them

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Posted : Saturday, 26 November 2022, 17:16
Installed 3 free plugins today.

Classic Gtr Lite and Quiet Piano both from QuietMusic.eu, both of which are exactly what they say on the tin, being the basic instrument with a few presets to tweak them a little.

Black Metal Keys is a few preset string/organ type things.

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