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Tue, 26 Jul 2022, 17:12

Apple Motion

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Apple Motion is, it turns out, like a giant Final Cut Pro "Extra"

It can do titles, captions, and even its own video editing, all within a familiar interface.
It then exports to either plain video files, or to a special Final Cut format so it magically imports into that.
If you use it as "Just a video editor" it's actually fairly stable, though ... It's intended for little stuff.

I bought Apple Motion the other day to help with ALChoon videos. It can handle the 2 or 3 minutes of a music video well enough, but it's looking more and more powerful the more I get to know how it works.

I've NEVER been able to do anything remotely like the above video, before, and it feels great having such capabilities in a really easy way.

This was relatively simple to do.
Import video clip.
Add the Behaviour - Motion Tracking - Analyse Motion to the video.
Select object, click Analyse.

Create 3D text
Add the Behaviour - Motion Tracking - Match Move.
Tell it what to follow.
Job done.

I turned off scaling for this, since it went a little "too" zoomed in, but otherwise that's pretty much it as far as tweaking goes.

And the 3D Text functionality is awesome, too.
You can tweak the extruding.
You can do bezels and give them their own materials.
Obviously have fun control over scaling and rotation, and then animate with keyframes and tweening.
Wow.. Such REALLY USEFUL stuff.
You could use the 3D text just as an oldskool 3D Logo generator!!

It can import 3D objects, too, but they have to be in the USDZ format.. I'm currently trying to find the best way to get Platdude into that format!

Yeah, I'm liking this..

Apple Motion is currently about £50 in the MacOS AppStore.
A damn sight cheaper then the £250 Final Cut Pro!!

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Wed, 25 Jan 2023, 14:22
Oh, joy..

So, I've been sitting here all day, ALL FUCKING DAY, drawing little pictures, and copying them from the iPad, and pasting them into Motion, and making a fun little video.
Saving along the way.
Always saving.
Savity save save!!!

And, close whilst I write a bit of the newsletter, and come back to the project an hour later.

Guess what it didn't save.
Take a fucking guess at what files it decided it didn't need to save, anywhere on the hard drive, at all.

Fuxake, I now have to sit here and redraw about 30 or 40 little pictures again, from scratch.
This week's ALChoon Video's going to be late.
I am SO pissed off right now.

''Load, Next List!''
Wed, 25 Jan 2023, 16:24
Don't you just love it when that happens...

Hopefully that was just a teething problem and great results will be forthcoming soon. I liked that tracking vid BTW.
Wed, 25 Jan 2023, 16:35
Probably saved to a computer in a parallel universe somewhere. Hate when that happens and personal experience with work being lost, is always in a video editor, no matter which one I use. All of them seem dodgy to an extent.