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Another New Watch!

17th July 2017

I removed the Fitbit Blaze from my wrist, unclipped it from it's strap for the 50,000th time, and popped it into the charger. Something I'd done the day before.

7 days, it said. 'Average 7 day battery life'
After just a few months of owning i<snip>


Five Words..

16th July 2017

Working on a redux of Letter Lattice for iOS, and am in need of some nice groups of words to make the game a little more fun, and bulking up the numbers a little..

All I need a group of 5 little words (&lt;12 letters) which all fit into an obvious c<snip>


iOS - Prepare for Submission - 2017

12th July 2017

I've been playing with Quadoban iOS for the past few days, and I think I'm nearly up to the point where I can submit it.

For those who haven't tried it, using Monkey-X to compile an iOS game is relatively easy.
Make sure your game runs in a<snip>


Rewatching ''1 Litre of Tears''

25th June 2017

I last watched the Japanese Drama Serial 1 Litre of Tears around about 2009/10.
A story of a young girl hit with a degenerative disease that destroys the link between her Spinal Cord and her Cerebellium.

Back then, it was simply a show that made me mor<snip>


Molly On The Couch

30th November 2016


This is the second day in a row that Molly's sat on the couch with me!!

Realistically, it's not me she's sitting with. It's the new blanket that she's see<snip>


Spilling my Noodles

22nd October 2016

Went downstairs, made a lovely bowl of noodles.
Came back to bed with noodles.
Sat noodles down, hopped into bed, leaned over to grab noodles.
Hand let go of noodles.
Noodles F'ing everywhere.
A right fucking mess.
About a month ago, my ha<snip>

Latest Showcases


Pixelart to 3D Extruded STL

19th March 2018

A 3D Tool for 2D Artists



26th February 2018

Flappy's back, and he's brought his friends


IconResizer 2

22nd January 2018

Convert icons to mulitple sizes


Oh, What a Dungeon

23rd October 2017

Prepare your shooty sword for battle!


Thwackity Puttz

26th June 2017

Grab your stick and thwack your balls


Orbital Projectiles

30th May 2017

The deadliest weapons come in gigantic missile shaped packages.