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Created : 12 May 2007
Edited : 04 September 2016

Campfire Rules

Behaviour in the Campfire Camp

NOTE : The Campfire is now a long forgotten feature!
This page is here so you can look at how things used to be.
Hankies are available at the front desk.

Do not flood the site with nothing but Campfire projects.
Currently the posting of campfire projects is disabled to all but moderators. When I do enable it I might make some kind of rule for creating them. Like "There must be a new Showcase or Article between each new Campfire project", or something like that.

Do not post lots of data along with your sourcecode.
The Campfire system uses general BBCode, so you can add urls to includes or external files. Keep that in mind, and try not to include lots of data into your sourcecode or it'll severely clog up the database.

Always code from the most recent update.
Most of the time, the most recent update will be the topmost of the shown updates. Sometimes, however, people might have posted newer code without the post having been upgraded to a real update. Always check the bottom of the comments to be sure you're getting the most recent update available.

Always add to a project
If you're the type of person who likes his code to be done in a specific manner, you can spent 10-20 minutes neatening up the project if you like. But before you post it, make sure you've actually added something worthwhile to the project.

When updating your updates
The top 3 updates are editable by their authors, just as regular comments are. If you do decide to change something small in your code, though, leave behind a [update]notice[update] to let people know what you've tweaked. (incase someone's already copied your code into Blitz, and haven't noticed the change.)
If it's something major, though, you're better off posting a whole new update instead of a tweak.

Don't go posting the exact same thing into 100 different sections of the site. This is a general rule of the site, but I think it needs to be reitterated.
If you create a really great game out of a Campfire, make sure everyone agrees before you upgrade it to a Showcase. After all, we don't want arguments over who gets the credits.
And workshop entries can easily become Campfire projects, but don't go doing it with every entry you've ever made!

And don't forget to refresh before you post
Refresh the browser before you post your update, incase anyone else has posted one in the meantime. The last thing we need is to have several different offshoots of a single project. (Although if you do decide to go in a new direction, you could always post the new code as a new Campfire project.)

Campfire Details
When you first create a Campfire project, it'll have a very generic title. Your name, followed by the date. The short description will be "New Campfire Project"
This was done so you don't have to think up names for every little bit of code!
Names are generally things that come along later in a project's life, especially in the case of Campfire Projects.
Once your project has a good enough title, or there's a decent enough description for it, you can go ahead and change it by editing the project.