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Created : 24 May 2018
Edited : 24 May 2018

Privacy Policy and GDPR Information

I refuse to write a mass-mailer to mass-mail everyone to say "Hey, I don't have a mass-mailer coded, so I'm not mass-mailing you in the first place", so instead I'll write it here, and people can find it, and people can either understand or not.

I don't have a mass-mailer... Well, I probably do on the server host's CPanel or something, but I haven't bothered to use it.
It's probably an easy task to take everyone's emails from the database, and bung it into a mailing list, but I haven't ever, nor will I ever, do that.

Basic privacy policy : If you've posted it here, then it's visible to the world, and you already knew that when you posted it.
Your data is not, otherwise, used in any way shape or form*.

If you want your email address changed/removed, let me know. You can either log in and ask, request it on Twitter, or just email Jayenkai@Gmail.com Usernames, too, can be changed on request.
99% of other things in your profile are editable. Simply log in and tweak, or request it if you'd rather not log in.

Any content should be easily editable, or removable.
If you'd like me to click my handy "Delete everything" button, then I do have one of those available.

Wednesday Workshop entries are also removable, but that'll have to be (again) done by me. (Wednesday Workshop predates SoCoder by a few months, so integration has always been slightly hacky!!)

So, again, if you need changes/tweaks/edits, email Jayenkai@Gmail.com or @Jayenkai on Twitter.
Any/all additional data on the site is only content that you, yourself, have chosen to post here, eg, I haven't done a "Blitzcoder Archive" or anything else that might not be something you agreed to post here in the first place.


* Although I did sneak a peek to get Eikon's email address, the other day. Emailed him about me currently making a remake of Fiery Fourth, and asked permission. He said it was fine, and that he's currently working a codey-based office job at a bank. He doesn't appear to be in the game-dev place any more.


Data Tracking

Your data is not shared.. At all!
However, it is easily accessible, so you should probably know that anything you DO post will probably be read by about a thousand bots within the next hour or so of you posting it, and probably retained forever.
General rule of the web.. Delete never really deletes anything.
This isn't me, or my doing, it's just the shitty side of the web.

There's a handful of cookies on the site, storing login and a few theme settings, but otherwise this site's as clean as a whistle. There's not even basic analytics, or adverts, or anything that might Google-ify your access on the site. There's no tracking, other than the server knowing which posts you've read so it can highlight new posts (usually!) in the sidebar.
The site is as "raw" as I could possibly have made it, and hopefully that means that you shouldn't need me to have written all of this crap.


Newsletter Mailing
The SoCoder Newsletter is handled by Google Groups. Newsletter Home
I imagine it should've already emailed you to ask if it's ok to keep emailing you, but if it hasn't you can probably find it in your Google Groups settings, somewhere. I think.. Maybe!
The older Yahoo-based group seems to have disappeared, so quite what that did with everyone's data, I'm not sure.

Take any issues up with either of those two, as you see fit.