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Created : 01 November 2007
Edited : 01 November 2007

Your Gallery : Upload rules

Uploading files to Socoder

Uploading a File
The Your Gallery page lists any files you've uploaded, along with an "Upload new file" option.
Click on Upload New File.
In the page that appears (let me know if nothing happens!) you'll be given 3 text boxes.
In the first box, place the filename of the file you want to upload. (Browse might help!)
The Second and Third boxes are currently only there for Download files, and are used to give the file a Title and Description.
Click Upload, and wait for the file to transfer to the server.

Allowed Files
The current uploadable filetypes are...
Archives : .zip and .rar
Images : .jpg, .gif, .png and .bmp

There is currently a 2Mb per File limit, but this might be changed later.

Once you have a few files uploaded, you can click on either Your Gallery, or the small Gallery link before a text entry box.
This will let you see your current list of uploads, and clicking on one will display a brief version of it's data.

If you want to post a link to an archive, grab the [FLink] BBCode from the bottom of the file description. (You can use the larger [url] format to post to other forums.)
You can also Direct Link to the files if you really need to (ie, in a showcase), but I'd prefer you link to the Download Page on other sites. (You know.. For visitors!)

For images, you will be given a [thumb] BBCode option to use on this site, or a regular [url/img] tag setup for use on other sites. (Try not to go crazy with the images, though.)

To update a file in the gallery, simply upload another version with "exactly" the same filename. The file will be overwritten on the server, and all database entries will link to the newer version. That is, if you have File X as Download #12, but you upload a new version, All links to Download #12 will now point towards Download #73 (or whatever!)

I haven't yet added a delete option, so... <shrugs> You can't delete!

Oh, and Don't go crazy!



Saturday, 03 November 2007, 02:49
Yay! A gallery! Thanks Jay!