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power mousey
Created : 12 December 2007

Bags of Bahhhhhh

Bags of Bahhhhhh


I'm sorry for deleting my posts in the
Xmas Avatars section. As well as deleting my Einstein
XMAS equational avatar.
I'm just not so Christmasseee this year of this
month in the year of our Lord of 2007.

All these tidings of tinsel and great greed
for materialistic things,toys, and devices.
Bah Humbug!!

For a watered down and sugary and sickly sweet
tradition of sharing,telling, praising and even
worshipping an interdimensional entity known
as Santa Claus.
Santa-->Satan, and claus for a pun and word sematics for claws for further anthropormorphic identification of evil
supernatural and incarnate.
Bah Humbug!!

Just think an overweight and obese person/entity/it
traverses the whole world in about 24 hours invading
peoples privacy and homes for the giving good children
good gifts.
Is this Big.....and I mean Big Brother in disguise thru the centuries of the giving and providing gifts and other necessities inorder of they are in power and have power
and control over you.
If yes...I say Bah Humbug!!
Why overweight and jolly too?
Why not a skinny or even lean Santa?
Or perhaps one like or similar to Arnold Scharwzenegger?
"I'm Arnold the Santa...and I bring you weights. Here, lift,bench press, and work out. Stop snacking and get off your butt!"
Does this overweigthness represent cultural,political, and corporate symbols and messages for mass consumption? Even
alluding to and residue leftovers of drunkeness,debauchery,
orgies, of the god Bacchus in Roman mythology and earlier
Greek mytholog of Dionysis. Even forerunners of these gods
in ancient Sumeria,Bablylon and Eygpt too.
Even those ho ho hoes and that jollyness could be
represnetative of various culture of the world view of hedonism and seeking pleasues and of a sometimes irresponsible life style. Don't Worry...be happy.
But happiness is allusiveness and like a roller coaster
too. Joy,hope,love and concern is what matters.
Even being overweight is no jolly nor laughing
matter! It forces your heart to work harder and therefore
more risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure, and more risk of getting diabetes. When you get older....you will
know and acquire ailments and conditions that you don't even know you had to begin with. our bodies gets older and tired and start to break down more.
The curse and part of the second law of Thermodynamics too.

I could go on and on..but I won't.

Whatever your beliefs,
and your thinkings and feelings our towards Christmas
why do you celebrate Christmas?

your bah humbug...not baaa baaa towards the mass consumption drive towards the Santa story,

power mousey



Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 14:09
I believe the Santa image we think of was created by the Coca-Cola company.
Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 14:21
power mousey
I don't know blanko.
That could be true.

But I'm talking about the whole image,
concepts, and origin of this Santa? Certainly was
in a form and again of Bacchus and Dionysis
during the ancient Romans and Greeks.

I think that in part its the season, the reason
and the spirit of hedoism and intoxication and down thru
the centuries of what the Bible says concerning wayward
man: "eat,drink,and be merry for tomorrow we die"
Similar in fashion to "Don't worry...be happy."
Yeah, you can be happy but also be concerned.

Read the book of Solomon...very good book
on philisophy and of the nature of life and meaning too.

um...no Santa and neither elves but a lot of wives for poor
old Solomon. :\
Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 16:31
Bruvva Mousey Just think an overweight and obese person/entity/it traverses the whole world in about 24 hours invading peoples privacy and homes...

UK Priminister, Gordon Brown ?.
Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 18:50
Oh my god, Steve! Haha, I love you!

But yeh, sure Christmas is commercial and Santa is just a silly tradition. We know he doesn't exist, but it's still cute wehen you have people wearing santa hats to work!

I see it as an excuse to see some of the more geographically distant family and drink more expensive types of alcohol than normal.

And hey, a holiday is a holiday. Time to relax!
Thursday, 13 December 2007, 04:46
it sounds like you were just told santa is not real j/k
Thursday, 13 December 2007, 07:37
power mousey
but Santa is real!

real and in the sense as blanko stated of a current,
cultural societal and comsumtive product icons to consume and follow after a traditional Holiday.

real and in the sense of the bumbling, suposedly friendly
and jolly but Big Brother in the form of Gordon Brown. As Steve has indicated. Shades of the Survelliance Society! And of the Listening.

real and in the sense of cultural,religious, social,corporate and political symbols and syncretisms towards a hedonistic lifestyle and the fellowship of like-minded or driven people in the pursuance of orgies, drunkeness, and debaucheries. Not necessarily those of a sexual nature...but acquiring and even receiving goods
can elevate the mind and even the body towards pleasures and be highly stimulating in of itself.

and just with the Santa story.
real in the sense of Santa being modelled and patterned
off people of peace and good will too.
Of sharing and spreading good and kindness with what they
abundantly have and also of those who don't have much nor nothing at all.
Those are the real Santas.
And especially those who don't have much or nothing
but give and also give what they can.

power mousey

|edit| oh yeah....Steve, that was funny and I agree
about Gordon Brown. Bush is as to Brown as Brown is to
filled buttocks. |edit|

Friday, 14 December 2007, 18:10
power mousey
Just as in my Santa blog....I don't feel Christmaseee.
It has to do with all that feel good sugar and sickly sweet of Christmas music and Santa and elves dancing around with the fairies in sugar plum patterrns of blueberry fillings. And, also crass consumerism and advertising. And of gross debaucheries of mental and physical orgies
and intoxications.
All those tidings of tinsel and great greed.
And of happy hedonistic pleasantries.

the reasons why I celebrate Christmas:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only
begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him shall
not perish but have everlasting life.
For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn
the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever
believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not
believe stands condemned already because he has not
believed in the name of God's one and only Son.
--John 3:16-18

that is for Christmas, but also day by day and year long.
That Christ, the Son of God(second person of the Trinity),
was sent by God the Father into this world. And thru the
placement of a miracle by the Holy Spirit of forming the embryo and body of the physical human into the virgin Mary, Jesus would and become fully human and fully God.
To be our kinsman redeemer and bridge the gap and restore the friendship and relationship between a loving but holy and righteous God and a wayward and sinful mankind. Because God loves us and desires everyone to be save. But in His love, He respects your choices and decisions too.
Christ became the second Adam of what the original Adam was supposed to be and live like. Emptying himself of the rights and powers of Godhood and relying and walking with God the Father, thru the Holy Spirit.
He was still human too and with all the feelings and ups and downs that come with being human.
His life was a ministry to teach people about God and the kingdom of heaven. To help and heal the sick and needy as well. But essentialy, his life and mission
was to die. Yes,. To shed his blood and die upon a cross two thousnad years ago. And in the process of dying, a global,universal space-time event took place where he took upon himself all the sins of people past,present and future and was separated from God in those moments...that was Hell for him!......so that we might
have full pardon and fogiveness of our sins. And the gift of eternal life in restoration of friendship and a personal relationship with God.
Thank you Jesus!

thats the main and ultimate reason for Christmas.
And not just a one time in December observance and celebration. But day by day and for all the time.

a few other reasons...but minor in comparison:

to spend the time and get together with the family.
And also a time for holidays and to relax as well.
For the exchanging and giving of gifts in like manner...perhaps??
of what God the Father gave of His one and only Son.
And for some little peace and goodwill too.

your friend and bro,
power mousey