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power mousey
Created : 17 December 2007

Butterfly Blog

heya all,

gotta tell ya all of this weird dream
I had. What a weird dream it was too.
No doubt infuenced from watching the movie
1408 based on one of Stephen Kings' short story
and starring John Cusack and Samuel Jackson.
And no doubt as well with the 3d butterflies I'm
coding too.

The location and scenery was in Santa Cruz
and near the beach. The beach was roughly
5 miles away or so. I was looking for another
apartment to live in. There were some people
with me...but they were unfamilar and strange.
Perhaps they were the landlords or owners or tenants
as well.
The place was awfully quiet and full of encircling
sidewalks of flowers and bushes too. There were nice
Ocean breezes coming in and a few birds were chirping
now and then.
The place was so scenic and beautiful too.
I was thinking of moving in. Suddenly, a swirl of butterflies approached and flew by and to the side.
They stopped and were hovering in mid air.
I was curious and went over to investigate these butterflies. The landlord....an old lady in her sixites
and with the voice of my mom spoke up and told me:
"the butterflies are sweet but don't disturb them.
They won't sting but they will bite"
"huh!??, butterflies don't sting but will bite!??
Butterflies don't bite and don't ...."
"telling ya these butterflies bite"

I ignored her warning and thought she was joking or didn't
know what she was saying. I stepped closer to look at them.
One flew next to me and with a weird humming noise. Another
one flew on my shirt and hung onto my shirt and was chewing and biting it with its mouth and little teeth.
"what the!? get off!"
I grabbed the one on my shirt and held onto its wings.
It flapped and flapped real hard with fear and anger I think. It shook loose of my grip and bit me on the hand.
A few drops of blood come out.
"ouch!, that hurt!"
The other one flew in and bit me too. More drops of blood oozed out. They bit more and hung on.
I ran and shook them out.
Terrified and running away fom the place.
The whole group flown in my direction and after me.

I finally escaped but I won't forget those butterflies.
Those particular butterflies... with the teeth. Those teeth!
and griping, demonic smile.

son of Stephen King,
power mousey



Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 05:10
A few years ago I did make a cute platformer game with killer butterflies. I wish I could find it!
Tuesday, 18 December 2007, 16:24
power mousey
heya Hobe,

I hope you do.
I like to see it.

What was really weird was that some of
the butterflies were wearing sunglasses.
Either smiling, grinning, or biting their
tongues too.
woa! weird