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power mousey
Created : 19 December 2007

Super Skateboarder :)

I open my eyes and scream "what the hell am I doing!"
I'm in mid air going off the ramp and attempting a 360.
I confess I'm not too bright on geometry and all those
degrees. Even a 180 would be better.
I'm scared and nervous. Damn! and shit!, me and my big mouth. And yikes!, everybody is watching me. I'm the focus.
At school I do like to have fun and horse around a lot.
I'm known as the class clown. And yet, within the class
structures I'm a misfit but I get my strokes of acceptance and even friendship.
Yet, being the class clown and the jolly joker hardly
anyone really takes me seriously and a lot of people misunderstand me. Sometimes I hurt and am sad. Other times
I get mad and pissed and for the ways I'm treated and view as.
And that and my mouth is what got me into this predicament.
If I can only hold on and swirl and turn a little bit more... there!, about quarter of the way done. whew!!
I thought I would lose it in mid air and fall. I don't
mind a few bruises or scrapes or scratches.
But hell, I don't want to seriously hurt myself. or even
get killed.

Whats weird is I'm thinking over and remembering all what has happened that led me up to this event and in mid air too. Its like everything is in slow motion. I see people
down below me and around. A few cheering me on, which encourages me. Others either indifferent or egging me in the face with taunts and insults hoping that I fall and fail.
Hmpf!! I like to see them up here in my place!

whoa!! my board leaned to the right a little. Gotta keep
my focus. I fear heights and don't want to fall.

Maybe I should've kept in the underground.

<end of part 1>