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power mousey
Created : 25 February 2008

Titan Quest......

Yay!!, I finally got the game Titan Quest. My brother bought me this for my birthday present and along with treating me to the movies too. We saw Jumper. I thought this was a pretty good movie.

Anyway, back to Titan Quest. This game is so fun and so very addicting. My gosh!, the graphics are stupendous, the music is so beautiful, and the gameplay and interface is so cool. Even the character and level up system is so balanced. Its hard to decide sometimes when your Warrior or character type levels up, where to place your 2 attribute points in. Health, or Stength, or Intelligence, or even Dexeterity. Its hard to decide.
Also, the quests and even all the items are so fabulously delightful to read and descriptive.

I was up last night and early in the morning before I saved the game and called it quits.
This game will last me a long time and many months of game play. Besides, I have the 2 games for one pack. Titan Quest and the expansion game Immortal Throne. Also, I have the cd music and sound track to the game too. I really love the music in this game too.
The cut scenes and movie animations are really cool and realistic. Nothing really moves me to fanasy and action adventure like this game, the Might and Magic game series and certain movies such as Jason and the Argonaunts, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans, The Magic Sword, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger and the tv series of the Legend of Hercules too.

Titan cheers