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Created : 19 October 2009
System : Linux

Game ideas

My dad and sister always have great ideas for games, while some of them aren't as great...
Here are the ones I can remember:

Some type of shooter transformed into a game with a school and bullies. I always imagined it being an FPS. You're the nerd, and you're trying to shoot spitballs at the bullies in the halls. Different types of tissues have different strengths/weaknesses. There are different levels, possible ones that are in the sewers of the school or the central heating system. Maybe there could be minigames- like there are good tissues in a classroom, but you have to sneak in and take the tissues without anyne noticing and disrupting the class.

(One of the not-as-good ideas A "2nd person shooter" as they like to call it. They think it's a great idea that would work flawlessly, but they're just simply wrong. Basically, they think that you would be looking through the eyes of your target enemy and you would have to try to find yourself and kill yourself. Then you're loking in the eyes of another enemy.
IMO, that's a terrible idea and it wouldn't work.

Some interactive cell phone game- There'd be someting going on in the game, and you'd get texted or called about it and you might need to respond to these texts or calls... They thought of a whole thing where you would collaborate with other users and things, although I didn't get it much... (This wouldn't be easily implemented, obviously.)

There were more, but I can't remember them.

One of my ideas:
A Multiplayer flash or java game- It could also be another language, but it would be more fun inline a browser. Rock Paper Scissors Freeze Tag ftw. Basically, here's how it goes. Each player would be either rock, paper, or scissors. You could try to join a specific team if you wanted to, but if there are too many people on one team, you can't choose that one. There would be a big field, the size depending on how many players were in the game. It would be a view from the top, and it would scroll as you walk. (You'd always be in the center of the screen.) The birds-eye view would be 2D. It would be distinct what team you're on (rock, paper or scissors) and basically, you'd play freeze tag. Rock would freeze scissors, scissors would freeze paper, and paper would freeze rock. You can be unfrozen by either someone on your own team, or someone on the team you can freeze. (If you're rock, scissors can unfreeze you.) If someone you can freeze unfreezes you, they are immune to you for the entire round. People you are immune to would be marked in a distinctive way, and so would people that are immune to you. You must move away from someone you freeze within 5 seconds of freezing him/her, (the amount you have to move away would be variable based on important factors.) And you'd have to stay away from someone you recently froze (not too far away or it might be hard) for maybe 30-45 seconds.
I don't know how the game would end.

Comments on my RPSFT Idea? (I don't care about comments for the other ideas, I don't really like them that much.)



Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 17:15
The trick with "Board-game-rules" type games is that I usually find myself thinking about actual physical rules. But, they very rarely translate that well into actual video-game rules.
As a video game, they tend to just be crappy little "Click to roll the dice, now wait 3 mins whilst everyone else does" type things.

If you can keep RPSFT arcadey, then it might work out nicely.
Friday, 23 October 2009, 15:05
The RPSFT wasn't meant to be a board game, it was more supposed to be an overhead view with lots of players playing at once- like a normal freeze tag game would be.