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Created : 30 September 2010
System : Mac

Endless programming!

Programming... programming... programming...

Today I've started off school with a workshop about SCRUM. We had to fill a paper with all game features of the game idea I created for a project and spread them over the 3 remaining months we have. Then our "creative director" (who is just a teacher) could pick things out or change them. And she pretty much ended up putting everything in the first 3 weeks!! She was like "oh I want pathfinding to work, attacking, stealing, etc. etc." which pretty much sounded like the complete game.

She also didnt like us putting 120 hours of game balancing in the last month, maybe 120 hours is a bit much but that wasn't even the point. She was like "why are you going to add and remove features at the end? I want you to do that every month/sprint". Then I explained her that balancing for example meant changing attack damage value from 5 to 6 to make sure both enemies get an even chance to win the game. But no, according to her that's tweaking. Balancing is "adding and removing features!!".

Oh well... After that the fun stuff started

We had a Nintendo DS workshop, I never even touched one of them devices. The teacher came from a game development school in Ireland and showed us how to use the homebrew stuff. It wasn't that much but great fun to know how to do this. I might consider buying a DS when I have money again... I've drawn dots... made the screen flash over and over and then we've been drawing sprites on the screen... what more do you want! he also explained how the memory works and such, very interesting!

So then I got home in the evening and it was time to continue the school project as there's not much time! We're creating this game in C#/XNA but I'm the only one who knows how this language works... So I've been giving a class earlier, but now I've switched to tutorial videos, just created 45 mins of youtube! I could link them but I'm speaking dutch so I don't think that will help...

After all a productive day!



Thursday, 30 September 2010, 16:26
Oh and if you're unfamiliar with SCRUM, this is the video a teacher showed today. Easy to understand www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5k7a9YEoUI
Friday, 01 October 2010, 06:39
Sounds like such a fantastic time to be at school. \me wishes he was young again!
Tuesday, 05 October 2010, 02:04
Me too sounds like a fantastic class to me.