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Created : 24 March 2013

What Sundays were made for

I made some progress today, I spent a couple of hours trying to remember how to program.

I then fixed the problems with the tile map.

I just couldn't use my brain. Must be something to do with Sundays, and not a drop to drink.

I eventually figured out how to get it to scroll nicely but I'm not 100% happy with it.

It's easy to get it to move around, I was just struggling to constrain the movement to the map and make the map only scroll when away from the edges. The code is serviceable for the moment so I will concentrate on making it function.

Oh....and I need an editor!

GLBasic is good for the moment, one thing I miss is KeyDown function. So I am having to code that my self.

I started but time ran out, Sundays means tea at the mother in laws.

My theory for this is to increase a variable if the key is detected and check for a >0 value when needed.

I think I can make it dynamic enough so I don't have to set which keys I need to check for in more than one place, if someone already has some workable code or some pointers that would be ace, pointers or linked lists would be a lot easier but not sure they are simple in GLBasic, noticed you can dynamically add to arrays so that will do for now.

No pretty pictures for this entry, there isn't really anything to show in a screen shot or the actual game so I will leave it for the next version.