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Created : 21 December 2014
System : Mac

Stripping it All Away

Today I did something I should've done ages ago.

As some of you might've previously read, I recently took over the domain of LittleLever.info.
For the most part, this was a rather frivolous purchase, and it won't ever really come to anything. At all. Ever!!
But it's nice to own the domain name for part of your home village.

Over the past couple of months, the Spambots seem to have moved in.
Using phpBB as my bog standard forum seemed like a good idea, at the time, but after a couple of months, it started to drive me crazy.

This week, striving to prepare for Xmas, at the same time as an insane influx of spambots... That pushed me over the edge.

So, today, I spent the majority of the day pulling apart my SoCoder code, and fumbling to get it vaguely LittleLever'ish.

You can see the results over at LittleLever.info, but there's lots of tweaks to go before I'm happy with it.
Mentions of Showcases, Code Snippets, and even Wednesday Workshops, are all over the place, and springing up in the most unexpected places!

It also took me AGES to strip away the old databases and start afresh. All of that had to be done by hand because.. Well.. I ain't exactly prepared for it!!!


If i make any huge upgrades during the next few days, I'll pop them back over here, but so far it's mostly been a massive demolition job, more than anything.



Monday, 22 December 2014, 01:57
A day of tweaks and updates and fixings and strippings...

SoCoder is very messy code! There are many MANY hidden leftovers!