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Created : 12 July 2017

iOS - Prepare for Submission - 2017

I've been playing with Quadoban iOS for the past few days, and I think I'm nearly up to the point where I can submit it.

For those who haven't tried it, using Monkey-X to compile an iOS game is relatively easy.
Make sure your game runs in all the different resolutions and ratios, then hit Compile. Once done, you'll find an XCode project in the build folder.
Open that, and everything else has to be done through XCode.
Orientation settings, game title, and other little bits need to be tweaked before your game is 'done'.

Today's been all about icons.. Bloody bloody bloody icons.
Actually, YESTERDAY was about bloody bloody bloody icons, double checking online to ensure I had all required sizes. Then I opened XCode and started drag'n'dropping icons, only to find the list I'd used was out of date, and XCode wanted even more sodding bloody bloody bloody icons..

So that's done, now.
I also added Launch Screens, but unlike the icon asset manager that asks for 80,000 icons, the Launch Screen asset manager only asked for iPad images. Then when I try to compile it for iPhone it fails, because it doesn't know what to use, because it didn't fucking ask me for the fucking thing!! FFS!!!!

So I turned off Asset manager for Launch Screens. Not 100% sure what'll happen, but it seems to be running, and that's ok with me..

And Relax..

I then headed over to the iTunes Connect site where you do all the uploading and stuff.
Thankfully they've 'fixed' the screenshot thing, so you need only upload two bunches of screenshots (iPhone and iPad) as opposed to the whole sodding variety of screen resolutions and ratios that are out there.
Using the XCode Simulator you can save screenshots which you easily upload, and .. Job done!
Which is nice..
Although, the thing did whinge that the iPad screenshots weren't the right resolution. The Simulator was saving images at half resolution, but that might've been because I was running it that small. I'll have to double check, later.

After the uploading of images, I added stuff like bundle ID (com.yourdomain.yourgame) and SKU (Any Alpha-Numeric string you like, as long as it's unique. I tend to use the date, along with combinations of JNK and AGameAWeek)
I also duplicated these onto my big AGameAWeek Android ID spreadsheet, so I've got everything handy in case anything buggers up!

That'll do for now.
Later on tonight, I'll try getting the 'Distribution' compiling to work.
That never used to be easy. Hopefully the latest XCode makes things a little easier.
... Hopefully!



Wednesday, 12 July 2017, 04:20
A nice little summary of what a mess the iOS submission system is!
Thursday, 13 July 2017, 12:29
May as well have been staring at a brick wall for the past hour.
I have the game running on both my iPhone (beta iOS11) and iPad (iOS10)

I used to know what to do next, setting Distribution parameters and whatnot.
But it's changed since I last did it, and all the fucking reading in the world wouldn't make it any more fucking obvious.

The iOS Migraine Cometh!!
Thursday, 13 July 2017, 16:33
Eeegads! I'm glad I left mobile game making behind after reading all that!
Sunday, 16 July 2017, 06:23
A few days later, and I've finally got it sussed.

Here's the steps I used, (and fuck, if this hasn't actually worked, I'm doing my nut!)

1. DELETE!!!
I opened XCode's Accounts, and completely deleted my account.

2. DELETE!!!!
Next I had to go into the Keychain and delete all the certificates and provisions.

3. DELETE!!!!!!
Go into the Apple developer site and Revoke all my profiles and certificates.

Clear out. Everything must go..

Next, reopen XCode, reopen the project, and reselect my account.
It went through and created new profiles and certificates, and then it seemed moderately happy.

Hit compile, make sure it runs on the iPad, then click Product - Archive

Note : I didn't, at any point, change to a "Distribution" setting. I hope that's ok!!! We'll find out soon enough...

Once the Archive window pops up, click Validate, and it'll probably whinge about stuff you forgot to do. In my case, I forgot to add a version number, and it threw a fucking hissy fit.

Fix up, Clean, Build, Archive, Revalidate.

After a few attempts, it finally gave me a tick! Then it was time to upload it. Click the upload button to do that.

My, what a helpful error message.

Note : Unlike how this was back in 2010, and how utterly utterly frustrating it was to have 75 different things open to do all of this, pretty much everything now happens within the confines of XCode. Even the uploader is no longer a separate Application Upload Tool..
It's very very neat and tidy.
.. It's still a fucking pain in the arse.. But it's a very neat and tidy pain in the arse.

Finally with the upload complete, (had to restart the thing) I was ready to head into iTunes Connect and Submit for Review!


Job Done!
Now I sit back and wait for about a week and a half (if old review-periods are still the norm) and we'll see if that all worked!!
Monday, 17 July 2017, 16:17
A day and a half later.

.. a day and a half!?
Fuck me, that's quick!

Quadoban just passed review.
Give it an hour or so and it should filter through to the AppStore properly.
Bloody hell!!

So, looks like I'm about ready to flood the AppStore with my insanity..
Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 03:09
Congrats on the release! You're a braver man than I!
Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 03:14
Had to be done..
I didn't release a single thing using last year's Dev License.. It renewed on Sunday, and I was determined not to let it happen again, this year..
Monday, 07 August 2017, 11:40
Third game has just been uploaded. This week's will be a freebie for at least the first few days.
Each and every game has had to have it's "Provisioning Profile" redone. Bit of a pain in the arse, if I'm honest.
I think XCode is assuming people make one game in a month, not 3... Can't keep up with me!
Instead, I went to the old site, and created my own Provisioning Profile, with a wildcard. Seems to be working ok, for this game, but I guess I'll soon find out the next time I try this.