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Created : 16 August 2019

Aseprite 32 color sheets

So yesterday I was able to do some more drawing. Though my neck is really painful since a couple of days. I think I sprained it or so. Looking around and up and down is not really pleasant so it is getting in the way of screen time.

The drawing I made here are 16x16px using the defaul 32 color palette that aseprite starts with.

I am hoping that drawing a load of sprites wil teach me new techniques. I stil have lots of difficulties with light and shading. The last few days i mainly cincentrated on doing front views. Mirroring left to right outlines then coloring.

Streamers on twitch are being a real source of inspiration as you can see them actually drawing things from start to finish. Some streamers are real pro’s and some use beginner techniques that I find are useful to copy.

Pixie studio seems to have gotten a bugfix update this morning. I mailed the dev a couple of days ago on the bad performance with drawing.

Hopefully I can get more drawing done soon!



Friday, 16 August 2019, 11:57
Those coloued versions look great - I especially love the yellow hemeted space marine-alike
Friday, 16 August 2019, 13:17
I just put on a twitch stream again with pixelart. Maybe I wil learn something!

A few moments ago I was on the ipad with Pixie studio. I am mailing with the developer about the problems. I mailed him my palette file(jasc pal) that gives problems and notified him on a problem with the saving time getting longer every new frame you add. It takes 3 seconds to save a single frame at start and when I finished the third frame it took 5 seconds. He fixed the slow drawing speed with todays new version.

Yeah, some sprites turn out well. I wonder when I wil start doing side views and actual animations. They seem to call it sprite modding nowadays.